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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I feel like all three have been rated as recently as a few years back, but Carly makes sense the most?
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  2. My order of preference would be

    1. Miley (not sure when the last Miley rate was but it was definitely pre Younger Now, so there will be plenty of new material to rate, especially as she'll probably have released her new album in full by then)
    2. Carly (last one was in 2016, and there's only been one new album since, but I'd definitely be here for it anyway. If we do get Dedicated Side B, that would be a plus)
    3. Demi (it's Demi)
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  3. Thank you. I was thinking of doing Miley first, as we know we're getting new music from her, and the album will be out by the time it's ready to open. And the last one ended a few months before Dead Petz as released, so we'll have 3 new abums to rate. And since we don't know if/when Dedicated Side B happens, waiting until after will give us that, Dedicated, and EMOTION Side B to rate, which I think will be enough new music since the last one, especially since I plan on including a few collabs. That's a little mean towards Demi, but I understand, and we don't have actual confirmation music is coming this year, and we've only gotten Tel me You Love Me since the last one. All of this makes sense, and I'll probably go with this, but I still want other people's feedback.
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  4. Well, I was half joking there, and that was just my opinion anyway. I'm sure plenty of people would be up for a Demi rate if you did one too.
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  5. I’m also Team Miley here! Her Glasto performance and Mother’s Daughter have really reignited an affection for her I thought was long extinguished so I’m excited to go through stuff that I’ve missed since I checked out about 10 years ago dd.
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  6. Miley (after she releases the album).
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  7. aux


    Yeah, I agree, run a rate for Miley after she releases the new album.
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  8. I was originally considering her, but @soratami is right, we've only gotten one new album and an EP while we've gotten three new albums from Miley since her last one.
    Oh I figured you were joking, I was just giving you a hard time.
    10 years?! Does that mean you missed Can't Be Tamed, Bangers, and Dead Petz? Girl you're going to make some discoveries! Also, thank you.
    Thank you! By the time I finish Sabrina's rate (hopefully by next Friday) and get to the top of the queue for Miley's, and it's ready to start, the album will be released.

    And I know it's premature but if Mother's Daughter doesn't make top 10, I'll never forgive any of you.
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  9. I know two songs from Can’t Be Tamed, about five from Dead Petz and I listened to Bangerz all the way through for the first time this morning. She really got me good this weekend though, what can I say.
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  10. Wow. You're gonna have a lot of fun.
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  11. I was just considering my 11 options for the Miley rate... it's going to be really hard picking just one.
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  12. East Northumberland High is right there, hun.
  13. I vote Carly. But only if you include her first album. So I can tank it.
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  14. Literally same. I have no idea what I'll pick.
    I will include it if course, but I'll be unhappy with the tanking and you will need to submit commentary for at least that album. I think I'm going to do Miley first though.
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  15. I'm just playing. I really hated the album as a teen but i'm sure i'll be more open minded revisiting it as an adult.
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  16. 1. Carly
    2. Demi
    666. Miley
  17. My first choice is Carly, but I’m excited for a Miley rate too as that seems like the majority.

    I also want Demi sooo...
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  18. Ahhh ok. Well I know the general consensus is that the album isn't good, so that's pretty much a message to everyone ddd.
    I'm guessing you didn't like She Is Coming?
    Haha well I will be doing all three eventually so yeah.
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  19. Miley's discography is such a clusterfuck of sounds & genres... I can't wait.


    Dead Petz will probably get slaughtered but I hope people give it another chance to unveal its strange brilliance.
  20. K but 1 Sun is a bop
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