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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. So instead of going to bed, I came up with another rate idea oop... A Female Collabs rate!

    Compiling this list really made me realise how many fucking songs Nicki Minaj is on, jeez. No wonder sis is always phoning in features and demanding people put some respect on her name. Same with Missy, a lot of collaborations with women.

    Can anyone think of other songs I missed that should be included? I also made a second list of maybes:

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  3. I like this idea a lot! How far back can we go though in terms of release date? Annie Lennox/Aretha Franklin seems like too much of a classic to miss out, though it might get tanked...
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  4. Romania's finest please and thank you:

  5. I love this idea. 6 of these songs (3 from each playlist) are actually part of my upcoming R&B Bop Queens rate ddd

    There's also this classic

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  6. Don't forget these heavy hitters:

  7. I'm sure "Walk This Way" gets added to the rate so I will be asking for a -1/10 right now and get that request out of the way.
  8. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    FFFFF this was a thing??
  9. On the remix rate idea @Ana Raquel I like the concept and I wonder if it would be helpful if there was some kind of criteria to narrow down what was included. Since pretty much everything gets a remix nowadays after all. Something like... was the song a ballad first? Was it something not-dance initially? I am thinking of for example the Hex Hector remixes of Deborah Cox or the Felix da Housecat remix of Sinnerman by Nina Simone ... that really transform a song into a new experience. Of course, maybe people would prefer to just do circuit mixes of Popjustice faves, which is lovely too.
    One other thought for potential entries (and I haven’t looked at the list in a while, so I’m sure it contradicts my last argument) would be to review the list of winners and nominees for the Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording? For some reason the Cedric Gervais remix of Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey is in my head as a previous winner and that definitely fits the bill to me.
  10. Okay but
  11. This ones already on the list!

    There's no limit. There's just not a lot of 80s and prior on the list cause I have limited knowledge from being a 90s baby.
  12. Oh okay. I was excited about the rate so I hadn't gone through the list yet. Which I know doesn't make much sense but that's how my brain works.
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  13. Haha no worries. Just noticed @Untouchable Ace also suggested something that was already on the list with "Aaliyah".

    Looks like it's not on Spotify for me, so you may be in luck!
  14. i was thinking about remixes who had made some noise (maybe even being more successful in the charts than the original version), i just don't know if i'd get enough of them
  15. as of the collabs rate, don't forget this

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  16. This reawakened a long repressed memory of when I was 12, Pixie was my favourite popstar and I wanted to collect every single song she'd ever done (I even had a Youtube rip of that I Love Your Smile cover she did for Colgate). I thought I had everything until I found out about this and I was legitimately furious at myself.
  17. We Own the Night is a bop.
  18. I didn't notice that on the list, I also thought that 'Bitches' was. I was also going to suggest 'Venus Fly'.
    May I please also suggest these:

    Would anything with Chvrches not qualify in the same way that Broods didn't?

    There is another controversial song that I will let someone else bring up.
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