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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I'm considering doing this rate next. I've had interest from a couple of people but don't necessarily want to run it for only three or four voters, so could you please like or comment if you might be interested?

    The song list consists of 66 songs and is as follows:

    The Braxtons
    1. Good Life
    2. Family
    3. So Many Ways
    4. Only Love
    5. The Boss
    6. Slow Flow
    7. Every Day Is Christmas
    Toni Braxton
    1. Give U My Heart
    2. Love Shoulda Brought You Home
    3. Another Sad Love Song
    4. Breathe Again
    5. Seven Whole Days
    6. You Mean The World To Me
    7. I Belong To You
    8. How Many Ways
    9. You're Makin' Me High
    10. Let It Flow
    11. Un-Break My Heart
    12. I Don't Want To
    13. I Love Me Some Him
    14. How Could An Angel Break My Heart
    15. He Wasn't Man Enough
    16. Just Be A Man About It
    17. Spanish Guitar
    18. Maybe
    19. Snowflakes Of Love
    20. Christmas In Jamaica
    21. Hit The Freeway
    22. Baby You Can Do It
    23. Please
    24. Trippin' (That's The Way Love Works)
    25. Take This Ring
    26. Suddenly
    27. The Time Of Our Lives
    28. Yesterday
    29. Hands Tied
    30. Make My Heart
    31. I Heart You
    32. Hurt You
    33. Where Did We Go Wrong
    34. Deadwood
    35. Long As I Live
    Tamar Braxton
    1. Get None
    2. If You Don't Wanna Love Me
    3. Love And War
    4. The One
    5. All The Way Home
    6. Hot Sugar
    7. Prettiest Girl
    8. Pieces
    9. She Can Have You
    10. Let Me Know
    11. If I Don't Have You
    12. Angels & Demons
    13. Love It
    14. My Man
    15. Blind
    16. The Makings Of You
    17. Wanna Love You Boy
    Traci Braxton
    1. Last Call
    2. Perfect Time
    3. Moonlight
    4. Broken Things
    5. Lifeline
    Trina Braxton
    1. Party Or Go Home
    2. Game Time
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  2. I'm up for it, but already getting allergies just from reading "Snowflakes of Love" and "Christmas in Jamaica".
  3. If Christmas in Jamaica doesn't go first then the forum is irretrievably broken.
  4. I'm definitely interested.
  5. I can drop the two Toni Christmas songs and the Braxtons Christmas song if people want. I’m not especially attached to them.
  6. I missed this convo but now they've said they're just doing the one single this year you could start some time after that? A private SoundCloud playlist sounds like the way to go for the two unreleased 'albums' (+ Plutonium I hope!). Really excited for this one.
  7. Me and an Aly & AJ rate.

  8. Aww I was hoping we'd get two, especially since they tweeted a while ago about "writing a couple bangers" or something. Oh well, at least we're getting one.
    And yes @CasuallyCrazed please include Plutonium!
    Same (duh). But I actually think it'll be a lot of voters and not just me.
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  9. I've PMed @RainOnFire to firm up, but expect the Scandi Dance-Pop Queens rate to open at the end of this month or first of October.

    Looks like last week of September it is!
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  10. They've been in the studio a lot recently so I'm feeling hopeful they might have a few new releases by the end of the year around when the rate could start... Maybe I'm being overly optimistic, but I'm also hoping their new Sanctuary club might end up giving us unreleased material too, as it has with a lot of other artists. They even teased surprising fans with new Christmas music a few months back, so who knows.

    Hothouse and the unreleased Hollywood records album are both musts, although I'm not including anything that only exists in snippet or 64kbps form only. Not sure what to do about their solo material as it does feel extremely... unessential compared to the rest. Maybe make it optional?

    This is what I have in my itunes besides the released albums:


    1. Hothouse
    2. Blow My House Down
    3. Crawl
    4. Boy
    5. Fifteen and a Half
    6. 5 Damn Days
    7. Heart Little Notes
    8. Freak
    9. Hole in the Earth
    10. 8 Hours
    11. 53rd Floor
    12. Today
    13. Blood Flow
    14. Crumble
    15. Secret Door
    16. Magellan


    1. Say Hello
    2. Belong Here
    3. The Next Worst Thing
    4. The Good, the Bad & The Boring
    5. Lovesick
    6. The Edge
    7. Practical
    8. Bullet
    9. Silly Boy
    10. Plutonium
    11. Walk Alone Tonight
    12. Insane
    13. Fading
    14. Civilian


    1. Misunderstood
    2. It's Who You Are
    3. All I've Ever Needed
    4. Desert Song
    5. You Never Let Go (feat. James Denton)
    6. Here Comes a Thought (feat. Estelle)
    7. Escapism


    1. Brand New Day
    2. I Want You to Want Me
    3. Amphetamine
    4. Someone to Fall Back On
    5. My Shadow
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  11. Oooooo don't do this to me cause then I'm gonna get really optimistic and eventually be disappointed! And honestly, Greatest Time Of Year and Not This Year are both great, so I wouldn't hate more Christmas music. I haven't actually listened to the full album yet cause I've been waiting for it to start snowing, but I listened to both of those a while ago cause they're the originals.
    Looks pretty good to me! Is it okay if we rate alternate versions of songs and mention it in our commentary?
  12. The studio sessions are for the album, they originally said two songs this year but the past few weeks it has been 'one song' (this was reiterated multiple times at Dragon Con this past weekend). Of course it's totally up to you when it starts though! Just wanted to let you know about that recent update to their plans.

    Hothouse album:
    Your tracks 1-12 are the album in the correct order.
    Blood Flow, Secret Door & Magellan (Hothouse version) are outtakes from this era.
    You're missing Crumble from these.

    The Hollywood Records '78violet' album supposedly had #s attached to the files when it leaked, the tracklist being:
    1. Say Hello
    2. The Good, The Bad, & The Boring
    3. The Next Worst Thing
    4. [Missing track]
    5. The Edge
    6. [Missing track]
    7. Silly Boy
    8. Walk Alone Tonight
    9. Lovesick
    10. Freak (Hollywood Records Version)
    11. Insane
    12. Magellan (Hollywood Records Version)
    13. Bullet

    Fading & Practical are the two outtakes from these sessions.
    Belong Here is a little bonus as it came out on the Hellcats soundtrack.
    Plutonium is from post-Hothouse sessions, so it's really a stand-alone.

    I was really for including a selection of solo stuff at first but thinking about it, it's really non-essential and aside from 1/2 tracks not on par with their work as a duo.
    With so many songs included already, I don't think anyone would mind you skipping them.
    If you did end up deciding to include the solo stuff, you're missing the four songs AJ contributed to on the The Goldbergs Mixtape (Tom Sawyer, He's The Man, Eternal Flame, Walking On Sunshine).

    There's also their Christmas album, especially if this rate ended up taking place in November/December I think it would be worth including 'Greatest Time of Year' at least as this was a single (and one of just five Aly & AJ songs to reach the Hot 100). Perhaps 'Not This Year' too as that would be both of the original songs from the album.

    There's 3 misc. covers (Jingle Bell Rock, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, We're An American Band) from various Disney compilations early in there career, but these would be sure to leave first so again, I don't think anyone would care if they were ignored.

    Just send me a PM if you need help locating anything.
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  13. Okay but something needs to leave first so random extras that won't hurt me would be good.
    (@CasuallyCrazed it's your rate, feel free to include whatever.)
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  14. Thanks for the info!!! Totally forgot Crumble.

    That 78violet album tracklist is killing me with the missing tracks and weird flow, I wish a production assistant would just drop a CDr on discogs one day.

    The original Christmas songs are definitely in. Probably the disney songs too. Maybe the solo songs are a skip.

    What are y'alls thoughts on rating multiple versions -- Boy, Freak & Magellan all have 2 versions. I feel like the Hothouse versions are the most fully realized and cohesive within the album, but I'm open to rating both separately too.
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  15. I'm open to rating both, but I figured most people wouldn't want to.

    I liked the idea of making their solo material optional by the way. I mostly just wanna be able to stan It's Who You Are.
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  16. I think separately for the ones used in both Hothouse & Hollywood Records sessions (Boy doesn't have two versions though?).

    For Something More & Collapsed, I would say just rate the version you prefer.
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  17. A 2014 version that leaked in HQ is much more dance-pop, I guess from the same Mike Elizondo sessions as "Plutonium." I am continuing to research.
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  18. That's fanmade for sure, would love to hear it though? Nevermind, I found it.
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  19. Would there be any demand for a Cathy Dennis discography rate? She definitely a very niche artist and I know there wouldn't be a huge interest but I just love her so much and know there are a few fans on here...
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