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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Dalida - Mourir Sur Scene came out on top during the remix portion of her spotlight Rate :)

    Also - mostly here for Toni only but considering how much I already know, I don't mind rating the other sisters too :)
  2. Me after I cause ruckus:
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  3. I would even knowing one album only.
  4. If the rate ended up happening around the festive season, then I think it would be fair to include them. It’s only 3 songs to work through after all. But if it’s like February or something, we could do without.

    (Says the person assisting with a rate where we made everyone score a cover of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in the middle of August...)

    Also specifically for “Un-Break My Heart” and “Spanish Guitar,” they had dance mixes that crossed over in ways that I don’t believe any of her other remixes had (e.g, Toni performing them live at awards shows etc.), so I might humbly propose a second listing for those? (Or 3 in the case of U-BMH, since Frankie Knuckles and Soul Solution/Hex Hector ought to be individually appreciated...) I never know what the right answer is when it comes to remixes, particularly ones of ballads that go uptempo. I digress!
  5. Do you have a link to the remix that won? I can't seem to find it.

    If you love Toni then I think you'll enjoy Tamar and Traci's material - they're very similar (apart from one or two outliers from Tamar).
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  6. Just use this one:

    The remix portion was me asking voters to "remix" their score (within a 2 point difference only) based on how the songs had grown on them since they discovered the track at the beginning of the voting period.
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  7. Oh, I see.

    So you basically gave people an opportunity to fix their unpopular opinions?
  8. LOL - if that were the case Je Suis Malade would have gone Top 3 and Il Venait D'Avoir Dix-Huit Ans Top 5 like they should have in the first and second place.... Ddddddd
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  9. If you give me a list of remixes, I can have a look. I don't want to add too many but at the same time I appreciate she's had six dance #1s and the rate probably should recognise that.
  10. I understand that I may be the only person who has a brain block when it comes to rating remixes vs. original versions. It just feels to me like


    are two totally different songs, even though they are made from the same source material. (They were both included on Ultimate Toni Braxton, for what it's worth.)

    So if I had a particular remix hill I was going to die on, it would be that one.

    Then, to a lesser degree, this remix that was included on The Essential Toni Braxton:

    Or this version of "Spanish Guitar" that ended up on the Platinum & Gold Collection: Toni Braxton compilation:

    But I realize I'm already pushing my luck even with the first one. Whatever happens,
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  11. Oh, I agree that they’re basically different songs, and for this rate I would prefer to insist that everyone rates the same mix rather than rating whatever mix they like most.

    I’m also up for including dance remixes of I Don’t Want To and You’re Makin’ Me High if you tell me which versions you want (provided they are less than five minutes long, because ain’t nobody got time to rate some eleven-minute club mix).
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  12. It needs to be the Frankie Knuckles mix!

    And @londonrain it should be this one for You're Makin' Me High:

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  13. Honestly I don’t know any of the remixes to either of those songs, so I have no horse in that part of the race.

    Sometimes eleven-minute club mixes are perfect songs though. WHEW we love a journey!
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  14. Really? Over this banger?

    Here’s a Spotify playlist of the current draft of the song list:

    (The only songs missing are Party Or Go Home by Trina Braxton and the radio edit of The Boss by The Braxtons.)
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  15. Could someone do me a favour and show me their spreadsheet for an old rate? I just wanna see an efficient way to set one out including commentary and such.
  16. Why don’t I set up a Rate Hosting thread? It would be a good place to swap ideas and help first-time hosts.

    Happy to share my spreadsheets from previous rates as well.
  17. Ooh, brilliant idea! Totally in favour of that.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Let us know when you set it up and we can pin it to the top of this part of the forum xx
  19. Ummm, I’d totally be in on that! She’s an all time fave for me. I was kinda shocked I was one of only two who voted for her in @DJHazey ’s Pop Star Rate.
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