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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I would be so here for this as I've been kinda diving into their discography again recently, missing out on the first one is one of my biggest regrets in life (that and the Sugababes rate).
  2. The winner of the 00s Emo/Pop Rock rate has been revealed.

  3. [​IMG]
    The rate is open for voting.
    Come one, come all.
  4. aux


    I know I'm running a rate right now, but as it's coming to an end soon, I've got a business proposal for my next hosting endeavour...

    May I interest some of you in a HAIM discography rate?

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  5. I will try to participate xx
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  6. HAIM very much here for it! (sorry)
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  7. Yes please! I've been wanting a HAIM rate for the longest time but after the reaction to Something To Tell You I lost the will to host one myself ddd.
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  8. I've got... feelings about my Girls Aloud experience, so please... Hell fucking YES to a re-rate.

    I'm also very much here for a HAIM rate too.
  9. Janet's never gonna release her next album is she...R.I.P. Janet Rate Part 2.
  10. Ugh I'm so sad that I missed the first rate since I wasn't familiar with her music at the time. But at least I still can stan Damita Jo whenever this rate happens.
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  11. Hello!
    I have been chipping away at researching for my write ups of the 20BiTeen rate and wanted to extend the invitation to anyone who wants to do a guest write up! I know some of these artists have major fans on here who would do these songs more justice! Here's the song list to peruse (and if you want to start listening go right ahead!)

    Tegan and Sara Hey, I'm Just Like You
    “Hold My Breath Until I Die”
    "Hey, I'm Just Like You"
    "I'll Be Back Someday"
    "Don't Believe the Things They Tell You (They Lie)"
    "Hello, I'm Right Here"
    "I Don't Owe You Anything"
    "I Know I'm Not the Only One"
    "Please Help Me"
    "Keep Them Close 'Cause They Will Fuck You Too"
    "We Don't Have Fun When We're Together Anymore"
    "You Go Away and I Don't Mind"
    "All I Have to Give the World Is Me"

    Shura Forevher
    "That's Me, Just a Sweet Melody"
    "Side Effects"
    "Religion (U Can Lay Your Hands on Me)"
    "The Stage"
    "Princess Leia"
    "Skyline, Be Mine"

    MUNA Saves the World
    Number One Fan
    Navy Blue
    Pink Light
    Hands Off
    Good News (Ya-Ya Song)
    It's Gonna Be Okay, Baby

    Clairo Immunity
    "Closer to You"
    "White Flag"
    "Feel Something"
    "I Wouldn't Ask You"

    Tove Lo
    “Bad as the Boys” & “Glad He’s Gone”
    The Japanese House
    “Maybe Your the Reason” & “Lilo”
    Tami T
    “Princess” & “Stay Where You Are”
    Cub Sport
    “As Long As You’re Happy” & “Party Pill”
    Orville Peck
    “Turn to Hate” & “Dead of Night”
    “Bicep” & “Iris”

    Art School Girlfriend “Diving”
    Black Belt Eagle Scout “At the Party”
    Bronze Avery “Spilling Out”
    C Duncan “He Came From the Sun”
    Cachurro “Mantra”
    Claud “If I Were You”
    Dorian Electra “Flamboyant”
    Ezra Furman "Transition from Nowhere to Nowhere”
    Girl in Red “Bad Idea”
    Girlpool “Hire”
    Greyson Chance “Shut Up”
    Highwomen “If She Ever Leaves Me”
    Holland “Loved You Better”
    Imbi the girl “Peaches & scream"
    Jay Som “Tenderness”
    Josef Salvat “Modern Anxiety”
    June Jones “Look at You Go”
    Katie Dey “Stuck”
    Kaytranada “10%”
    Kehlani “Nights Like This”
    Kevin Abstract “Georgia”
    Kindness “Lost Without”
    King Princess “Hit the Back”
    Kira Puru “Everything Is Better Without You”
    L Devine “Naked Alone”
    LIE NING “tonight”
    Lil Nas X “C7osure”
    Lizette Lizette “Non”
    Luis Gamarra “ Por un Beso”
    Mashrou’ Leila “Calvary”
    Miss Benny “Every Boy”
    Montaigne “Love Might Be Found”
    NIMMO “Place to Rent”
    Perfume Genius “Pop Song”
    Pet Shop Boys ft Years & Years “Dreamland”
    Pronoun “run”
    Raveena “Sweet TIme”
    Sam Smith “How Do You Sleep?”
    Sateen “Gotta Give Me Your Love”
    Shygirl “BB”
    Sir Babygirl “Heels”
    Sleater Kinney “Can I Go On”
    SOAK “Deju Vu”
    Superknova “Off My Body”
    T. Thomason “Hope”
    Tom Aspaul “Back to Earth”
    Torraine Futuram “Miles from Heaven”
    Tunde Olaniran “Jean Grey”
    Twinkids “Eighteen”
    Vagabon “Water Me Down”
    Vincint “Please Don’t Fall in Love”
    Will Young “All the Songs”
    Yung Baby Tate “Camp”
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  12. Happy to do a Tove Lo write-up.
  13. [​IMG]
    (took the @aux graphic and ran xx)
    (it's hyperlinked btw)​
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  14. After many moons, the winner of part 1 of the Miley rate has been revealed:
    I believe I need to let @londonrain know specifically?

    As for my next rate...well...
    It's time. @RainOnFire please put me down for the Carly Raete, 2020 edition xx. Featuring artwork from @savilizabeths and guest write-ups from her and @pop3blow2!
  15. Just doing one last check to make sure nobody else was interested in taking up a Mitski rate before I go all in on any prep work for doing it myself. If there isn't anyone, it could be coming Soon.
  16. I'm SO here for this. Anything to make me finally give a proper listen to Lush and Retired from Sad
  17. @RainOnFire the Jamelia rate has a winner!

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  18. OKAY! I know it's gonna be a bit before it opens, but I like to be prepared, so here's the song-list for the Carly Raete:
    Dear You (2004)
    01. Dear You
    02. To Be Without You
    03. In My Bedroom

    Tug Of War (2008)
    01. Bucket
    02. Tug Of War
    03. Money & The Ego
    04. Tell Me
    05. Heavy Lifting
    06. Sunshine On My Shoulders
    07. Worldly Matters
    08. Sweet Talker
    09. Hotel Shampoos
    10. Sour Candy
    11. I Still Wonder

    Curiosity (2012)
    01. Curiosity
    02. Picture
    03. Talk To Me
    04. Just A Step Away
    05. Both Sides Now

    Kiss (2012)
    01. Tiny Little Bows
    02. This Kiss
    03. Call Me Maybe
    04. Good Time (with Owl City)
    05. More Than A Memory
    06. Turn Me Up
    07. Hurt So Good
    08. Beautiful (Feat. Justin Bieber)
    09. Tonight I'm Getting Over You
    10. Guitar String/Wedding Ring
    11. Your Heart Is A Muscle
    12. Drive
    13. Wrong Feels So Right
    14. Sweetie
    15. I Know You Have A Girlfriend
    16. Almost Said It
    17. Melt With You

    E•MO•TION (2015)
    01. Run Away With Me
    02. E•MO•TION
    03. I Really Like You
    04. Gimmie Love
    05. All That
    06. Boy Problems
    07. Making The Most Of The Night
    08. Your Type
    09. Let's Get Lost
    10. LA Hallucinations
    11. Warm Blood
    12. When I Needed You
    13. Black Heart
    14. I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance
    15. Favourite Colour
    16. Never Get To Hold You
    17. Love Again

    E•MO•TION Side B (2016)
    01. Cut To The Feeling
    02. First Time
    03. Higher
    04. The One
    05. Fever
    06. Body Language
    07. Cry
    08. Store
    09. Roses

    Dedicated (2019)
    01. Julien
    02. No Drug Like Me
    03. Now That I Found You
    04. Want You In My Room
    05. Everything He Needs
    06. Happy Not Knowing
    07. I'll Be Your Girl
    08. Too Much
    09. The Sound
    10. Automatically In Love
    11. Feels Right (Feat. Electric Guest)
    12. Right Words Wrong Time
    13. Real Love
    14. For Sure
    15. Party For One

    Dedicated Side B (2020)
    01. This Love Isn't Crazy
    02. Window
    03. Felt This Way
    04. Stay Away
    05. This Is What They Say
    06. Heartbeat
    07. Summer Love
    08. Fake Mona Lisa
    09. Let's Sort The Whole Thing Out
    10. Comeback (Feat. Bleachers)
    11. Solo
    12. Now I Don't Hate California After All
    13. Let's Be Friends
    14. Always On My Mind

    Change For You (with The Midway State)
    Let It Snow
    Where Did We Go? (with Andrew Allen)
    Take A Picture
    Part Of Your World
    Rest From The Streets (with A Friend In London)
    Last Christmas
    Shadow (with Bleachers)
    Super Natural (with Danny L Harle)
    Everywhere You Look
    Love Me Like That (with The Knocks)
    Better Than Me (with Blood Orange)
    It Takes Two (with Mike Will Made It & Lil Yachty)
    Trouble In The Streets (with BC Unidos)
    Backseat (with Charli XCX)
    OMG (with Gryffin)
    Lalala (Remix) (with Y2K, bbno$ & Enrique Iglesias)

    So that's it. I originally wasn't going to include the Dear You EP, Change For You, Where Did We Go? and Rest From The Streets, but I realized if I did, it'd bump the list up to a wonderfully even 110 songs, and make the rate completely definitive at this point in time. I'm certain every song and collab she officially released is in here, so I can't imagine any changes will be made, but now y'all know what it will entail. (Plus this way we have some songs y'all can tank besides Tug Of War so hopefully it won't suffer as much dddd.)
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  19. I always forget how good Trouble In The Streets is. Am I gonna throw it an 11? Mh.
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  20. Taste. I'm worried it's gonna be underrated.
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