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☽ Rate Talent. Rate LOOΠΔ. ☾ the pre-debut rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Sent!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Almost finished with this. My averages are...........well 1/3 got a 9.5 AVERAGE so that's that on THAT.
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  3. I have submitted. I only gave three 10s counting my 11, dddd.
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  4. wind3.gif
    it's coming it's coming it's coming it's coming...
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  5. I’m starting to score now after getting proper acquainted with everything.

    Eclipse, Singing In The Rain, Egoist, new and Rosy all fighting for that 11.
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  6. I love Rosy. One of my 10s. So is one of the others you mentioned and my 11.
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  7. I've got my scores down, now I have to write all the damn commentary...
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  8. hello again~ i had someone ask for an extension in PM, so you all have until October 7th @ 11:59 EST / 8:59 pm PST / October 8th @ 4:59 am BST / 5:59 am CEST / 11:59 am CST / 1:59 pm AEST/ etc. to get your ballots in now. i'll be PMing people individually in a bit, too, so i don't clutter the thread with a dozen more tag posts ddd. i hope the extra time means some of you who were on the fence will join us now ❤

    also: i'll do my best to get the last write-up done sometime this weekend; i'll be out of town on the 29th-30th (I'll be home by that night tho), so, ideally, i'll have it done before then. i've got it about half written, but i haven't had a lot of extra time to work on it this week. anyway, thanks!!
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  9. I gots a question. Can we consider "My Melody" and "My Sunday" the same song?
    I'm really not sure how you can give them different ratings.
    (Unless you have something against either Sundays or melodies, and maybe that's a possibility, I guess.)
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  10. I mean, they have different lyrics and different vocals, so you can always take that into consideration.
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  11. Finished 1/3! The scores were.......... not so high.
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  12. i think they're different enough to warrant rating both tbh. the chorus melodies are completely different in addition to, as @yuuurei mentioned, the different vocals and lyrics. i know i personally have a clear preference for one version. it's totally fine to give them both the same score, too, though!
  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    I have arrived.

    1/3: 6.67647 (9 x 1; 3 x 1)
    Odd Eye Circle: 9.15385 (11 x 1; 10 x 5; 7 x 1)
    yyxy: 8.19231 (10 x 2; 2 x 1)


    I'M READY!!!
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  14. sent!

    and i just want to say my lowest rate for OEC was a SEVEN the girls did that
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  15. Oh my god not Queen of the Island Shane Gould voting in the LOONA rate @Dangerous Maknae @Serg.
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  16. I stan!

    Last edited: Sep 29, 2018
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  17. Confession: I did Around You so wrong. It is a 10 through and through.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Can we blindside Singing in The Rain the same way you orchestrated the one for Lydia!?
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  20. secret
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