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☽ Rate Talent. Rate LOOΠΔ. ☾ the pre-debut rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. posted!

    1/3 - 7.43
    OEC - 8.92
    yyxy - 8.35

    Yeojin - 8.83
  2. [​IMG]

    me bopping to Rate Talent. Rate LOOΠΔ. and jotting down scores, then going through this thread and realizing i may actually be in danger. thanks @vague for inviting me and giving me a reason to finally wade into the LOOΠΔverse, i'm buying in! please take care of my 11, it's become weirdly special to me.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Besides the girls themselves and, of course, the music, LOOΠΔ's biggest drawing force is the complex, interwoven story created for the group through music videos, lyrics, YouTube video descriptions, and social media posts. BlockBerry Creative have given fans just enough hints and clues to draw them in, while also keeping the story vague enough that fans can project their own ideas and theorize on the overarching themes of the girls' individual stories and how they intersect. The mastermind behind LOOΠΔ's entire pre-debut project, including the LOOΠΔverse, Jaden Jeong, has recently announced on Instagram that he has LOOΠΔ's story mapped out until its 45th chapter.

    The description for LOOΠΔ's debut music video, "Hi High," gave us our most detailed, official insight into the LOOΠΔverse story yet:
    * note: the members confirmed that YeoJin lives in the same "realm" as the members of LOOΠΔ 1/3.

    With these fundamental ideas in mind to add context to the music videos, it's easier to understand the basic story of the LOOΠΔverse - at least for me ddd.

    I don't have the time, energy, or, frankly, the knowledge to delve into every theory as I'd like to in this write-up; instead, I will focus solely on one of my favorite theories - and the one that has been mostly proven true so far: the Möbius strip theory.

    When I was first getting into LOOΠΔ, around the time "Love Cherry Motion" came out, one one the most popular LOOΠΔverse theories I remember reading was, of course, the Möbius theory. Shortly after I got full-on invested in the group, this theory was given credence by ODD EYE CIRCLE in an online Dazed interview and, later, with Yves' teaser photos, which featured a new URL - "dlrowehtanool.com". On the site was a short and simple video clip featuring a glitching Möbius strip. The fandom was much smaller then, but I remember spending hours reading Twitter threads and reddit posts about this theory, and being elated when it seemed to be proven true.

    The group's name, even, could be considered a confirmation of this theory. Known as 이달의 소녀 (idalui sonyeo; girl of the month) in Korea, their international name is taken from the first jamo of each Hangul character: ㅇㄷㅇㅅㄴ. When rearranged, the characters resemble "LOOΠΔ" - hence the logo at the start of each music video. Furthermore, the Greek characters used to stylize the "N" and "A" in LOOΠΔ are pronounced as "P" and "D", meaning LOOΠΔ could be read as "looped", tying into the Möbius theory.

    I've seen speculation online that the LOOΠΔverse story wasn't actually planned from the beginning, but only began with the introduction of the ODD EYE CIRCLE sub-unit, but I disagree. There are hints to this Möbius strip theory as early as HeeJin's single, "ViViD." The opening lines of the song? "First thing in the morning, it’s already déjà vu / Unfamiliar, but the same old day." Granted, these lyrics could just be describing a mundane day in a flowery, poetic way, but when viewed through the lens of this theory, the lyrics take on a deeper meaning.

    Actually, a lot of the 1/3 era songs, while not explicitly referencing the LOOΠΔverse story in their music videos, have lyrics that could be interpreted as relating to the overall narrative. Is HaSeul's "Let Me In", for instance, about a girl taking on the characteristics of the person she's falling in love with, or is she literally becoming a new person? When HaSeul sings "When I opened my eyes that I had closed for just a moment / I suddenly felt like I was in a new world" in "My Melody" is she just being poetic, or has she actually found herself suddenly in Eden? ddd probably not 'cause Chuu had already denied Eden by then, huh? It's hard to know either way for sure, especially since BlockBerry Creative and Jaden Jeong purposefully keep things so vague, but it's fun to theorize.
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  4. I'm late as fuuuuuuuuccccckkkk but my ballot is finally in! I tried to be a harsher critic than normal, I really did but I couldn't stop the stan from coming out, y'all. That being said, here are my averages:

    LOONA 1/3+Yeojin: 8.93
    LOONA OEC: 9.33
    LOONA yyxy: 9.46
    Intros: 7.95

    Honestly, seeing so many new fans makes me think we should make our own version of LOONAtv. I know my first post in the base thread was awkward as hell which would fit right in with practically how all the girls first appeared on camera. (I'm looking at you Kim and the entirety of yyxy.) Anyway, we all did that by voting and I can't wait for the reveals to start! Even if it tears this subforum apart!

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  5. Okay. I'll start by introducing myself.

  6. And I'll introduce myself before @eliminathan sweeps in and takes the opportunity away from me.

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  7. Hello everyone, Chuuyeyo~
    It's Chuu!



    ♡ Please anticipate my single and the winner of this rate, 'Heart Attack'. It's a song on which I declare my love to women. ♡
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  8. @Music Is Life in Taylor Swift rate teas.
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  9. And with my favourite Olivia moment too you heaux.

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  10. Well, what can I say.....unlike a bunch of you godforsaken heathens, I actually enjoy songs that have a BPM lower than 100. I also might have given some songs (like certain solo songs if you catch my drift) higher scores because I know that they will be done dirty.

    I already know I am going to regret being so generous when my faves do worse than I expected them to so don't even say it ddd.
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  11. Sorry, I'm not sorry.


    Don't worry though, we can still get revenge on the others together when Olivia doesn't perform as well as she should. And @codecat can tag along since they have seen the light and joined us on the dark side.
  12. 안녕!

    I am the crunchy rap legend, the pineapple princess, God Won.


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  13. Almost done with my write ups. I'm a changed person.
  14. Idk what's going on but 안녕하세요, Yves is here~ to destroy you all!
    yves hates ur opinion.gif
  15. [bangs head on desk]
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  16. 2017 words so far for my ballot. Is it a coincidence? Did I get cursed? Becoming a full blown Loona stan is fun. It gives me the boost of energy I needed after the grueling last few weeks.
  17. i'm on lunch right now and probably won't have time to check the thread again until i get home, so this is a last call for any ballots! you have 3.5 hours left (give or take) to make any changes to your ballot or to submit. thanks, everyone!
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  18. Challenge accepted!
    Last-minute addition to the band.
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  19. Oh Jinsoouuuul, hey.

    Although I thought @vague was Jinsoul ddd. I guess we'll all have to share roles.
  20. Well, I did actually bang my head on the desk earlier, so...
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