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☽ Rate Talent. Rate LOOΠΔ. ☾ the pre-debut rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Let Me In is actually very pretty.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

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  3. My ballot is in!

  4. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Snap poll: which LOOΠΔ girl am I?
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  5. I'm off, but not home yet. if anyone has a last minute ballot, you have around 20 more minutes to send before i close submissions!

    @Cotton Park are you online?? i'm still waiting for your ballot ❤
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  6. Blurred redhead legend.


    I'm Hyunjin's bread.
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  7. all righty, it's nearly 5 pm ddd so i'm going to go ahead and close submissions now. i've got quite a few new ballots to enter into the spreadsheet/commentary to sort, so the first elimination will probably go up in an hour or so? i hope ddd. thank you guys so much! we ended up surpassing 50 voters which is kind of stressing me out ddddd but i'm so, so thankful all the same! ❤❤❤
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  8. This is AMAZING. I don't think any K-Pop rate has even come close to it.
  9. 50+ voters for K-Pop subforum rate is incredible, congrats to you and just shows LOONA's strenght. Wish you all the luck in running the rate!

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  10. Congrats! You can be proud of the incredible work you've done running this rate so far. Can't wait to see it unfold.

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  12. Thank you SO much for waiting on me. But, I'm still in transit at the airport. So go for it! I will be actively Heejin defending following the rate even if I can't vote right now. Stan Loona. Stan Vixen. Stan vague.
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  13. Yes, excited!

    I actually genuinely don't know which song would go out first.
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  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I’m watching LOONA tv instead of running my rates and I feel like a HeeJin. Possibly.
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  15. You're the Haseul to @send photo's storm.
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  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    The accuracy.
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  17. apologies for the delay. as you guys probably know, this is the first time i've hosted a rate so i'm learning as i go ddd.

    before we get started with the first elimination, i would again like to say thank you to all 54 of our voters:

    the amount of thought and time you guys put into your ballots and commentary is very much appreciated and makes things so much easier for me! ❤​
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  18. [​IMG]


    dal segno

    by LOOΠΔ / yyxy

    Score: 7.398

    High scores: 10×4 (@teerofinale, @enjoy, @RUNAWAY, @Petit nain des Îles), 9×9 (@PopZeitgeist, @junglefish, @ohnostalgia, @yourbetterknow, @DrinkMyTears, @Island, @Vixen, @Hurricane Drunk, @Cotton Park)
    Low scores: 2×1 (@HappyBirthday), 4×1 (@soratami)
    My score: 8.25​

    "dal segno" is the intro track to LOOΠΔ / yyxy's debut mini-album, "beauty&thebeat", released on May 30, 2018. It was arranged and composed by BADD's Billie Jean & Slyberry (known for "favOriTe") and Artronic Waves (4minute's "Cut It Out", miss A's "One Step", and a ton of LOOΠΔ songs including "I'll Be There," "Chaotic", and "Egoist"). "Dal segno", an Italian phrase meaning "from the sign", is a musical term used to direct musicians to return to a spot earlier in the piece they're playing when marked by the D.S. symbol.

    The liner notes for "beauty&thebeat" released by BlockBerry Creative described the track as:

    @RUNAWAY (10) — "funky Italian feels on this one, and I love it."

    @Petit nain des Îles (10) — "When an intro is a more of a bop than what you find in some pop discographies, you know you're doing something right. However, when it's the best thing from its EP, that's another problem. Definitely should have been a full song."

    @ohnostalgia (9) — "That demented voice..."

    @Vixen (9) — "I love how jazzy/funky it is at times, and the slight City Pop vibes. And there's something about the second half that just gets me, not to forget that amazing pitched down outro..."

    @Cotton Park (9) — "One of the most kryptonian EP intros of all time, from beginning to creepy ending."

    @yuuurei (8.5) — "Much like Into the New Heart, I don't feel like this matches that well with the album, but it's quite nice on its own."

    @Oleander (8.5) — "This sounds like literal sunshine in a bottle but then becomes a creepy 1989 (the iconic novel, not the album) Big Brother propaganda, mind-control audio recording. If I didn’t love the why?why?bywhy? Girls beforehand, I’d say that this song would have hypnotized me into loving them and I would not have put up a single fight."

    @ryjm (8) — "Again, it’s clear BBC has mastered the art of acquiring audio aperitifs that act as sonic signifiers of what’s in store. dal segno is the brightest sounding of the intros and has some nice production flourishes, but despite this, it seems a tad repetitive in comparison to the more dynamic intros. Lord knows what the hell that ending is about, but werk."

    @eliminathan (8) — "It's good but it doesn't really have much in common with the rest of the album so it's not really introducing much."

    @He (8) — "Not a great representation of the mini but amazing nonetheless. Gives me kbeauty YouTuber tune (@GeiPanda)."

    @Remorque (7.5) — "It doesn't sound entirely unlike ADD, but I'm loving the guitar work combined with those synths."

    @Slice of Life (7) — "This is my least favourite LOONA intro but it's still good. I think it just doesn't fully establish yyxy's sound? It's weird."

    @Ana Raquel (7) — "It's better than the "big songs"????"

    @mokimbird (7) — "FUNK HERO / 10"

    @codecat (6.5) — "The real scammers are these Artonic Waves people by actually monetizing one of their spontaneous jam sessions. Work, I guess."

    @Empty Shoebox (6) — "This is boring, isn't it?"

    @ohaimanabu (6) — "An acceptable intro for this release."

    @HappyBirthday (2) — "I’m 90% certain someone on YouTube uses this as background music and that RUINED this intro for me."

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  19. Not me reading this as I go to bed and being filled with existential dread over this early elimination... only to realize later that it's just a mini rate for the intros. I can sleep peacefully.

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  20. AHHHHHHHHHHH @vague SIS!!!! THAT GIF!!! THE SAME EXACT FONTS!!! THE SAME EXACT COVER MOCK-UP BUT IN GIF FORM!!! 54 VOTERS!!! This rate is so iconic already. I love it! The effort really jumped out.
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