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☽ Rate Talent. Rate LOOΠΔ. ☾ the pre-debut rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. I am almost done with scoring, I know their discography good enough.

    I may or may not be the low scorer on their more popular songs and top scorer on their less loved tracks, but I hope we can look past that and still be friends.

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  2. I have finally figured out my ranking and scores.
    Now I just need to write about how much I fucking loves these queens. What a delightful chore.

  3. I was wondering - what's the general consensus on ViViD? I'm not really a big fan of the song but I was wondering if I'm just missing out?
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  4. I think everyone agrees that it's way better than the 3 singles that came after it. But I don't think it's as popular as OEC and yyxy's solo singles.
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  5. We're just getting started....


    My life is rosy....
  6. I always loved it, but it's an odd song, I love her delivery in the chorus. Always have.
    And I actually, kinda felt bad for Heejin having to start off... y'know... until...
    she fuckin' exploded...

    .... and that flying Q hit her in the eye... talk about a freak accident...

    But I'm still OEC trash. As much as I love the others.
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  7. Preliminary averages are

    1/3 - 5.08
    OEC- 9.5
    yyxy- 8.81

    So. Only one seems fair. My one and only.
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    Rediscovering Let Me In and it's gorgeous.
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  9. Seeing the 1/3 girls (bar Vivi hopefully) be done dirty is going to be painful but I have accepted it. I imagine it's going to be like HaSeul trying to survive the barrage of bad weather in Iceland all over again.

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  10. 'Let Me In' is usually quite appreciated, and so is 'ViVid'. Pretty sure 'Everyday I Love You' is praised often.

    I think from the 1/3 girls, only Hyunjin and Yeojin will be done dirty.

    As for the sub-unit efforts, again, pretty sure the lead singles are appreciated? I think the ballads albumtracks might get trashed upon, though, I guess.
  11. Orballot is IN!!!

    1/3 - 5.76
    singles only- 6.93)

    OEC- 9.29
    singles only- 9.9)

    yyxy - 8.96
    singles only- 10.1)
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  12. 1/3: 6.25 (10x1, 2x1)
    OEC: 8.73 (10x6, 4x1)
    YYXY 8.33 (10x6, 5x2)

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  13. Who’s going to be giving out nothing less than a 9.5 this rate?

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  14. Wait we are not rating debut mini album?
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  15. It's a pre-debut rate!
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  16. Oop comprehension found in ditch, my bad!

    Let Me In issa masterpiece sistrens don’t let ha down!
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  17. i've already gotten five ballots so far, so thank you so much to everyone who's already submitted! ❤ i wasn't expecting to get anything yet.

    the results have been ... surprising, to say the least. i won't say too much since it's still very early days, but the song i was expecting to win is currently tied for third, and the song i was expecting to be first out is just outside of the bottom five. only one song has managed to avoid getting any scores below 10 so far, and we have four different 11s across the five ballots so far, as well.

    there's no clear consensus on the intros yet; those scores are all over the map. one of them has taken a pretty comfortable lead right now, though.

    thank you so much!! i really appreciate that! it's been a long, long time since i've used photoshop, so that makes me really happy to hear ❤❤
  18. I feel really impressed with people having voted so far. I don't accidentally wanna do people's faves dirty so I'll be spending some time on this.

    I also need to remind myself not to watch the videos while rating because I'm only going to base my scores on how pretty everything is.
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  19. After writing over 4,000 words, my votes are in.
    This is going to be epic.
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