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☽ Rate Talent. Rate LOOΠΔ. ☾ the pre-debut rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. i'm so sorry unnies ;"(

    but your guesses weren't correct this time.


    I'll come again today without fail
    If I see you, what should I do?
    I'm cautiously waiting
    But I don't expect anything from you


    다녀가요 (Around You)

    by LOOΠΔ / HyunJin

    Score: 6.528

    High scores: 10×4 (@enjoy, @Serg., @RUNAWAY, @Oleander), 9×3 (@yuuurei, @askew, @Cotton Park), 8.5×1 (@ohnostalgia)
    Low scores: 0×1 (@Empty Shoebox), 2×3 (@teerofinale, @ryjm, @Charles Vingt-†rois), 3×2 (@Sanctuary, @Hurricane Drunk)
    My score: 6.5

    5 ballots: No.39, 4.8 avg.
    10 ballots: No.38, 5.55 avg.
    15 ballots: No.33, 6.667 avg.
    20 ballots: No.34, 6.488 avg.
    25 ballots: No.36, 6.21 avg.
    30 ballots: No.36, 6.375 avg.
    35 ballots: No.35, 6.471 avg.
    40 ballots: No.35, 6.413 avg.
    45 ballots: No.35, 6.578 avg.
    50 ballots: No.34 (tied), 6.59 avg.
    54 ballots: No.35, 6.528 avg.

    "다녀가요 (Around You)" (danyeogayo; come and go) is HyunJin's debut single from her self-titled single album, released on November 17, 2016. Oddly, this single has three different music videos: an Original Film Ver. and standard MV, both shot in Japan, and a Special Ver. comprised of clips from LOOΠΔ's web drama Woomanna. The song was written, arranged, and composed by MonoTree member Lee Joohyung, known for his work on Red Velvet's "Blue Lemonade", Apink's "I Like That Kiss", TWICE's "SAY YES", and Taeyeon's "When I Was Young".

    I wish this song had as much personality as HyunJin herself, because she's one of the most entertaining members in the group and this song is ... just not the tea for me.

    @RUNAWAY (10) — "I don't get what people have against this song. The lyrics are gorgeous, Hyunjin's voice is a perfect fit, and it's got a wonderful melody. Yes, it's a ballad, but it's a great one. You guys just need to get taste."

    @yuuurei (9) — "I don't understand any criticism of this song, because it's genuinely beautiful. HyunJin's voice is so sweet and lovely and the music is dreamy and soothing. It reminds me of the sunset at the end of a rainy day."

    @Cotton Park (9) — "Easily the best of the LOONA ballads, Hyunjin delivers a solid rendition, ranging from sultly, breathy stanzas to an endearing lilt of the final chorus and its ad-libs. This song is a quiet, unassuming treasure. And that little smile at the end of the video. I didn't even notice the catheads; she's so perfect."

    @ohnostalgia (8.5) — "HyunJin has a gorgeous voice. I first found this ballad pretty meh, but it’s grown on me. The music video helps. But poor girl, the first YouTube comment that shows up for me is: “naww HyunJin will be upset if she has the lowest viewed MV and members debuting after her is surpassing her. COME ON STANS WE NEED MORE STREAMERS.”" (okay that's really sweet but also maybe if she didn't have 14 versions of her music video it wouldn't have taken her 2 years to reach a million views ddd)

    @ohaimanabu (8) — "A quality midtempo!"

    @He (8) — "This grabbed me by surprise in the last months. It’s such a gorgeous composition. The melancholy here is very sincere, and Hyunjin exhaling every note just works here."

    @ThighHighs (8) — "Okaaaayyyyy this is actually legit lovely. It pops into my head all the time actually, but I don’t ever remember the verses, just the chorus. But WHAT a chorus!"

    @eliminathan (7.75) — "Her deeper register makes for a refreshing change compared to a lot of the higher registers in the other solo songs. The ad libs are a bit shit though I'm not going to lie. The harmony ones especially are way too high compared to the original chorus vocal's low pitch."

    @Slice of Life (7.5) — "I love the retro vibes. A proper vocalist would've improved the song but I don't hate Miss HyunJin's vocals here."

    @codecat (7) — "Cats!!!!!! Big cat heads!!!!! The drama-like atmosphere for Hyunjin's solo was a nice change of direction + cutting some of the track's instrumental in the beginning of the video was a bold choice for a nugu-group who needed the public to have full focus on their material. Even though I don't listen to Around You frequently, I can recognize its quality and I kind of live for the whole coffee-shop vibe, which pairs so well with Hyunjin's vocal texture. I know most of us are very i_only_listento_singers.gif but I love how her vocals are so airy and sweet, kind of like Apink's Chorong - they paint a pretty picture on the LOONA 1/3 tracks."

    @HappyBirthday (7) — "I need theory people to analyze this video. The more I think about it the more confused I am." (i think she's meant to literally be the cat?? idk. @Oleander any thots?)

    @mokimbird (7) — "a simple but sweet ballad that draws on Hyunjin's airiness as an asset. It bears mentioning that Monotree has consistently great production, and this is no exception."

    @GeiPanda (7) — "I can see why people might hate this song. It's a bit limp. But you know... in an alternative world, IU would release this as a pre-release track and people would be gagged by it."

    @Remorque (6.5) — "Lovely song, but it just never really resonated with me... She gives us a nice little performance, but that's about it, I guess..."

    @Petit nain des Îles (6) — "My first entry into a Loona ballad sounds promising at first, but then goes into a chorus that feels a little too "been there done that" territory. It's... fine I guess, at least the chord progressions in the verses are a bit out there."

    @send photo
    (5) — "Is this what roux was stanning? lol at least we didn’t miss much"

    @Vixen (5) — "The overexposed piano throughout the first few notes of the song is very charming, and it shows out the range of the instrument in a way Hyunjin can’t do with her own, kiiiii. Production-wise, it’s definitely interesting, with the piano becoming a lot more crisp in the chorus, and the instrumental constantly changing itself and reinventing itself. Sadly, like I said, vocally Hyunjin totally lets this down. I mean, I actually think she emotes fairly well, which is half of the job when you do a ballad, but I mean half of that song is literally air. It’s AIR. WIND!!!
    V-ocal-ixen moment of the day: If ASMR was a vocal technique, Hyunjin would be A+. ♥"

    @Ana Raquel (4) — "Unfortunately a victim of my balladphobia." (i think our ballad loving unnies are going to need a support group by the end of the rate if this balladphobia keeps up)

    @ryjm (2) — "Now don’t get me wrong, I fucking adore our shady bread obsessed cat queen, but her solo single is my least favourite, the video is incredibly dull and uneventful (the LOONATV episodes were a thousand times more exciting, #2JIN4LYF) which only exasperates my issues with the song itself, which also sounds bizarrely muted and almost…boring? Regardless, our breathy bread binch still sounds beautiful on the track, I just wished she had I’ll Be There as her solo instead." (this is spot-fuckin'-on tbh! i mean i like the video but yaaath @ everything else you said)

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (2) — "hm… even just after listening to the song, i can't remember it."

    @Empty Shoebox (0) — "Took me three attempts to finish this song. Just does not interest me at all."

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  3. He


    Close enough, I guess.
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  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Around You is my favourite 1/3 solo single so this is a little painful dddddd.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    @send photo


    These low scores for EVERYTHING are triggering me.
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  6. He


    Around You is great, and the video is gorgeous. It deserved to leave much later.
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  7. Eh, it's cute enough.

    Like most of 1/3's stuff, I don't really have any strong feelings either way.
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  9. Don't look at us when you could have given it a higher score.
  10. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Well she’ll always have earring modelling.

    This is a stupid elimination but not unexpected.
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  11. Sis you could should have given it a higher score too.
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  12. If I hadn't zeroed this I would have had to drag down 29 other songs to fill the gap. Would you have preferred that?
  13. Around You is just a lovely song that i unfortunately relate a lot. "I’m just blankly staring at you then I leave
    From far away, I wish you would only look at me" is such a brilliant and heartbreaking lyric. I also really appreciate the video, it feels like a window to the life of an introvert.
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  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I mean... there isn’t always a zero. I don’t think I have a score lower than 5 and if I did it was maybe 4.
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  15. Yeah giving a 0 isn't mandatory nn...
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Would anyone be interested in a Loona the ballads rate of 5 songs or so, so we can rightfully crown Around You as a rate winner?
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    And honestly, this is just what I was thinking of posting. Not everyone’s discography has to have a zero. There are groups/artists out there that actually have all good songs, and Loona is one of them.
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  18. [​IMG]

    I think it's just a difference in how we perceive the numbers.

    0 = Irredeemably bad
    1,2 = Bad
    3,4 = Below Average
    5 = Average
    6, 7 = Above Average
    8, 9 = Great - Stellar
    10, 11 = [​IMG]

    0 = The worst song (Out of the entire selection available)
    1 - 4 = Songs that are slightly better than the worst song
    5 = Middling songs
    6 - 9 = Songs that are significantly better than the worst song
    10 = Songs that could be considered the best of the selection
    11 = The best song (Out of the entire selection available)

    So rather than saying "I'm a LOONA stan so all of these songs are at least 4 or more because nothing is actually bad" ,they would say "Well I mean technically favOriTe is a bit better than Kiss Later so I'll give it a 1 considering Kiss Later is the bottom of the spectrum." Disregarding whether or not Kiss Later or favOriTe are actually BAD songs outside of the context of the rate.

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  19. Maybe if those 5 songs don't include Let Me In and/or Sonatine then yaaaassss get that free win Hyunjin sis!
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