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☽ Rate Talent. Rate LOOΠΔ. ☾ the pre-debut rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Ready for OEC to completely dominate this rate

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  2. Can't wait to drag 1/3 into the ground.
  3. Ugh.
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  4. I'm listening to all the songs by the 1/3 girls (I think?) and My Melody is really nice.
  5. Hmm.

    What to zero? What to zero?
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  6. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I'm still contemplating if I should participate in this seeing as I'm likely to just get annoyed with the way y'all are gonna treat 1/3 anyway.
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  7. I mean we will either way. Fight for your unnies.
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  8. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I'm older than all of them rip. Minus Vivi.
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  9. Wait, found it. There's a C*****mas song in there.
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  10. Dddd...I think you'll find there's two. Both equally as deserving.
  11. Oh excellent. That's two zeroes now. This will be fun.
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  12. The Christmas songs are cute tibbs. There are much worse tracks in the rate nn.
    Please participate! We’re not all 1/3 haters. Well, they did get my lowest average but I certainly didn’t trash them!
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  13. Maybe all of 1/3 would be getting higher scores if they knew to bring qualiTy like Miss Vivi!
  14. Waiting to see the scoring manifestations of the resentment toward Heejin for waiting in obscurity after having to go first with a lukewarmly-received, weird solo debut that nobody knew what to make of for 15 months or so only to reappear and steal all everyone's bias's good parts and CF's...
  15. I don’t think @Seger is voting.
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  16. As far as christmas songs go I find The Carol to be pretty good. 2.0 however...
  17. Aren't they literally the same ? ddddd I don't really listen to either...
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  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I'll probably submit my ballot closer to the deadline because I want to really acquaint myself with 1/3's music. I have started pre-listening today and maybe My Sunday is my favourite 1/3 song so far??? I'm shaken.
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  19. You're just encouraging me now. That's even more zeroes.
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  20. Oh here is the tea.
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