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☽ Rate Talent. Rate LOOΠΔ. ☾ the pre-debut rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Will try and do this!
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  2. Me giving 10s to the Christmas songs

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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. I think I'll have to betray Yeojin & Vivi for my 11..
  5. we're up to 7 ballots now. thank you so, so much to everyone who's submitted so far!

    i'll be going on a tagging spree sometime later this week. i have a few write-ups that i want to get out before the deadline as well, the first of which should also go up later this week as soon as i finish the graphics for it.
  6. Working my way though 1/3 now. Liking it more than I remember. Boring myself with my own commentary.
    It'll get done.
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  7. Yayyy it's here! @vague your graphics are gorgeous so far! also I am going to reply to you soon promise mianhaeee
    Idk about anyone else but I really like it myself.

    I suspect I'm going to be against the general opinion here as per usual it's so hard being the only bitch with good taste but like, I can't think of many, if any, tracks I would rate lower than maybe a 5? So maybe I won't make too many people mad in this rate. Y'all are gonna make me mad though if I see any meanness about any of these girls. There's no call for it. Behave yourselves!

    Can't believe some ppl have already submitted, Loona stans are efficient as h*ck. I'll start as soon as I can and try to add some like, coherent commentary. I already know my 11 though, with one close runner-up.
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    ViVi is a legend.
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  9. I lowkey expect One & Only to be the shock underperformance since y'all don't appreciate left-of-center experimental pieces of ART.
  10. Should I give an 11 to my favorite solo song or to my favorite unit song
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  11. If Egoist isn't at LEAST third y'all will rue the day.

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  12. If they fail to do that, all of us Olivia stans need to go all Dreamcatcher on the tasteless heathens and perform a satanic ritual so we can curse them.


    Side note: I love that in one of the photobooks for the album we see Olivia back to her fierce ways. It's great seeing her show off her versatility (not everybody has that) but I love seeing her Egoist side come out again.
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  13. I want in.
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  14. I made separate playlists with songs of the different sub-units and I think I'm liking the Odd Eye Circle + respective solo stuff most, at the moment. Not that the other stuff is necessarily worse, but I feel like those songs match my mood most right now.

    I also like that I'm beginning to recognise their faces and know their names a lot more now.
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  15. LOONA is the first girl group I properly stan since getting into K-Pop so I’ll do this to get aquaninted with their pre-debut stuff, I know a few songs already like Kim Lip’s which I love.
  16. Get ready for Yves sis.
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  17. Yves and Chuu are the next stops in the LOONA journey but don’t forget to stan supreme Go Won’s One & Only.
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  18. Me finishing the 1/3 songs and moving on to Odd Eye Circle

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  19. Not started working on my scores yet, but I’ll Be There is such a bop.
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  20. [​IMG]
    first tagging spree tomorrow but i wanted a new page for the first write-up dddd
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