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☽ Rate Talent. Rate LOOΠΔ. ☾ the pre-debut rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. But did they lie? xoxo
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  2. Hate all you like. She's still center.

    (And The New Face For LG Q7/Q7, apparently.)

    yes. i am still not over vivid.
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  3. Well, Hayley Kiyoko is actually Lesbian Jesus so yes. But I appreciated the sentiment.
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  4. a crime has just been committed guys
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  5. You don't get to say that when you could have given it a 10 and saved its life!!
  6. I feel quite entertained watching everyone slowly lose it/kill each other over certain songs leaving while I still can't remember the names of half of their songs and members.

    That said, the top 20 looks nice. I'd probably get rid of Chaotic and Rosy based on my scores.
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  7. OEC having 10 out of 20 songs in the Top 20 AND Everyday I Love You being the remaining 1/3 song...... when it's right, it's right.

  8. Ddddd I'm secretly happy that you gurls are fighting so that I could make this...
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  9. TEA!
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  10. Okay but do you OEC stans seriously love 'Chaotic' all that much or what?

    She's a very cute girl, but it's time for Gorgeous to devour Cute already. That and 'Loonatic'.

    EDIT: And 'Odd Front'. Oh my god, seriously.
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  11. 'Chaotic' is classic R&B with a languid, almost bluesy, relaxed delivery, thinly veiling it's smoldering sexual urgency.
    'Loonatic' is a rush of psychedelic shoegaze dreamscapes unlike almost anything in KPop these days.
    Both masterpieces. And 'Odd Front' is cooler and sleeker than 'Girl Front'.
    Just the way it is.
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  12. 1/3 wishes they had anything as good as ODD Front.

    Also, the irony of Haseul's last 20 seconds of vocals in the rate being rap singing.
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  13. This is a mess.
  14. The fact that I wrote this a few nights ago in one sitting after the idea came to me from school work-induced hysteria. Ugh....my mind.....it scares amazes me sometimes.


    It might have even beat my Olivia commentary......actually no, my Olivia commentary is an even bigger mess than that asssaadddjjd. So please anticipate I guess! Anyway, don't think the compliments for my commentary will make me forgive you monsters for letting this track and Sonatine for that matter fall this soon! I expected both to at least be Top 20! Okay....I actually expected you bastions of hatred to tank Sonatine and I am just glad it didn't do worse than it did. But anyway....


    Well, I might just have to spare you.

    Don't thank me, for I am just the humble prophet of the most merciful Lord who bestows us with such words of wisdom as....

    I feel so cleansed.
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  15. Looking back at my scores, it looks like I underscored one of the remaining songs despite throwing out high scores like candy on Halloween. I still gave it a very good score but considering some of the other songs left, I fear it might suffer a bit for it.

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  16. I'm sorry but Odd Front outliving See Saw?
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  17. Your commentary is a work of art. The stan card is laminated.
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  18. HaSeul in the Top 20!


    Odd Front and Loonatic can go if we're talking OEC tracks that have outstayed their welcome.
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  19. Even bloody Yeojin is in the top 20 since favOriTe is still clinging on to it's life.
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  20. asdkdfnkdjreoejel the gif!!!
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