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☽ Rate Talent. Rate LOOΠΔ. ☾ the pre-debut rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Eclipse is iconic, but new just feels... so powerful.

    There's just something about Yves' voice... she's so emotive and the song has so much yearning to it that matches the inner turmoil and conflict of the lyric.

    The video just builds and builds until the final third and that scene happens, where a pinkish blonde haired girl makes an appearance and suddenly, even if inadvertently, the song feels like it's about something much more than it previously was.

    It was also felt like the song to expand the LOONAverse more than any of those prior to it.

    Eclipse brought a stone cold bop... but new brought heart.
    And that's why new got my 11 and I hope it wins.

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  2. ODD EYE CIRCLE vs youth youth by young . . .

    Kim Lip vs Yves . . .

    "Eclipse" vs "new"

    9.912 vs 9.861 . . .

    what has KPJ decided is LOOΠΔ's second best pre-debut song? . . .


    Your heart that blooms in the light
    Catches my eye like Pandora's Box
    In the mirror, a silhouette like a painting calls out to me
    Be by my side, yeah



    by LOOΠΔ / Kim Lip

    Score: 9.861

    High scores: 11×16 (@teerofinale, @codecat, @enjoy, @Reboot, @Love Deluxe, @send photo, @yourbetterknow, @Slice of Life, @clowezra, @Island, @Remorque, @GeiPanda, @He, @Hurricane Drunk, @_hazzie_, @Cotton Park), 10×22 (@Sanctuary, @junglefish, @ryjm, @Coming Century, @Rainbow Trousers, @RUNAWAY, @ddog, @Ana Raquel, @nikkysan, @yuuurei, @BEST FICTION, @Rem, @ohaimanabu, @Mikl C, @Vixen, @Kuhleezi, @Oleander, @aaronhansome, @McQueer, @ThighHighs, @Petit nain des Îles, @vague), 9.75×2 (@PopZeitgeist, @eliminathan)
    Low scores: 6.5×1 (@OspreyQueen), 7×1 (@Empty Shoebox), 7.5×1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois)
    My score: 10

    5 ballots: No.2, 9.85 avg.
    10 ballots: No.1, 10.225 avg.
    15 ballots: No.2, 9.95 avg.
    20 ballots: No.2, 10.038 avg.
    25 ballots: No.2, 9.85 avg.
    30 ballots: No.2, 9.908 avg.
    35 ballots: No.2, 9.914 avg.
    40 ballots: No.2, 9.763 avg.
    45 ballots: No.2, 9.8 avg.
    50 ballots: No.2, 9.86 avg.
    54 ballots: No.2, 9.861 avg.

    "Eclipse" is Kim Lip's debut single, from her self-titled single album, released on May 23, 2017. The song was written and arranged by MonoTree's Park Jiyeon and Hwang Hyun, composed by Daniel "Obi" Klein and Charli Taft, and produced by Daniel "Obi" Klein. Daniel "Obi" Klein has also produced EXO's "Boomerang", Girls' Generation's "Lips", Red Velvet's "Automatic", Taemin's "ACE", and TVQX's "Smile".

    In the description for its MV, BlockBerry Creative described the track as:
    Like many of you this was the first LOOΠΔ song I heard - although, admittedly, it did take a few plays to really grab me, but, eventually, it did. There's no denying that this song has had the most impact on the group's success and was the beginning of their meteoric rise to monster physical sales (for a rookie group). I was sure this was going to win the rate at the start, and it put up a damn good fight - the averages for the top two songs were incredibly close for much of the voting. I love both of the top two songs, but this is thee song I think of when I think about LOOΠΔ, so this coming in second place is a bit of a bittersweet feeling for me.

    @teerofinale (11) — "This song is ICONIC! This song was not one of my own favorites at first at all. However this became my all time favorite solo single out of ot12. With the intro leading to the beat dropped after the monologue, this song really captivates you. This song will honestly go down in kpop history as putting LOOΠΔ on the map."

    @codecat (11) — "Just like the Brown Eyed Girls back in 09' with Abracadabra, Kim Lip ushered a big influx of new K-pop converts, she's been featured in a NASA playlist, she shifted the whole conversation i-fans were having about LOONA...it's safe to say she accomplished a lot with Eclipse, which isn't surprising - it is the ultimate LOONA song, after all. I thought their strategy was confusing at first so I didn't care for LOONA, but after seeing the OEC teasers, I gave them a try and saw the Eclipse video. I played it, then again and again and just like when I listened to RV's Automatic for the first time, I didn't listen to anything other than Eclipse in the span of a week - but, unlike Automatic (when I was shook that there were people still writing songs reminiscent of R&B's golden era), this was something bigger. Eclipse has the key elements of a stellar R&B song: masterful use of melody, entrancing chords, alluring vocals, delicate ad-libs full of air...but it's the clash between the classic songwriting and the new-era synthpop production packed with harmonious surprises that immediately sets it up there with the greatest songs in the R&B canon and it should be revered as a masterpiece. It's my favorite LOONA video as well because it's just a girl with tremendous star power (and an AMAZING blowout in some scenes) amidst powerful colors and elements, like the fluorescent red halo or when she transforms black and white into red with the flick of an arm. When you've got a star like that, you don't need much to achieve excellence. I do hate the upskirt shots though. And as for the choreo...well, it's great, but it's easy to look stupid doing it if you don't get the moves right - I may or may not have attempted to learn it..."

    @Reboot (11) — "I love this song and its video. It’s so hypnotic."

    @Love Deluxe (11) — "[​IMG]"

    @send photo (11) — "Birth of LOONA tbh. half of y’all jumped ship but I stay loyal. This song was genuinely a forum event and New could never."

    @Slice of Life (11) — "This is actually just my 2nd favourite LOONA song (after the wonderful Sweet Crazy Love) but I must admit it broke my heart seeing this not win SOTY 2017 Rate ddddd. So this is me helping its cause to win this rate. It is fully deserving of winning the rate. And I would love for more people to here this through the Winners Rate."

    @clowezra (11) — "Honestly one of the best pop songs I've ever heard? I knew there was something special about it when it first came out, but over a year on and I'm still completely taken aback by it. Couldn't fault a second of it."

    @Remorque (11) — "We love a classic. No, seriously, this got me into Kpop, because a member on the subforrem had posted a remix of the video and after I watched that I watched the original. Then put it on repeat for about a week and I was sold. My boyfriend who's not interested in music in the slightest can sing along to this, so go figure... Kim Lip did that."

    @GeiPanda (11) — "I'll repeat my SOTY commentary here and update it too: I’m very particularly about what music I’d listen to while getting some D - any kind of weird lyric, production element or Go-won vocal run can completely ruin the experience for me and make me re-clench. But Eclipse sung by empress Kim Lip is a massive exception. It’s literal sexual perfection in a song. Further than that though... isn't this almost everyone's gateway drug into the Loonaverse? I can remember only casually keeping tabs on the pre-debut activities, up until I saw that iconic Kim Lip Version A album cover. Instantly I was drawn in. It's just so effortless yet seamless. Though my 11 may be predictable, there's a nightmare alternative world where Kim Lip and Eclipse never came to be, and I would therefore never have become so invested/obsessed by #StanLoona. So thankful that this dodgy-financed company put so much investment into this project - the Loonaverse is truly innovative for combining the passions of music, storytelling and Asian females being at the top of their game."

    @He (11) — "SOTY 2017. The song that kicked this project into high gear. From the iconic spoken intro, to the ending pose and cinematic outro; from the deep reds, to the dark and cold greys; from the school girl uniform, to the majestic owl; from the Kim, to the Jung-eun. This nasal queen showed up and stole our hearts and wigs. One of the top performers in LOONA: one of the best and most unique voices, and one of the best dancers. Check her never ending extraness in LOONATV; shout out to her and Chuu doing anime fights. I stan this girl and song."

    @Cotton Park (11) — "I feel sparks. It's just me. 'Cause baby I got this feeling. My life would never be the same again. It's dust to me. Just me. Destiny. Whatever. Jmota Eekalips."

    @ryjm (10) — "Kimberly Lippington, our NASA-endorsed nasal queen arrived with a fucking bang, even if the song itself is a remarkably smooth and muted affair. It’s no mystery as to why Kim Lip’s arrival signalled a sudden surge in international popularity. The stars truly aligned with this release, Lippie is the definition of a star. She is so incredibly enigmatic and her distinct vocal tone is iconic. The song throbs with so much sensuality and Kim Lip embodies this effortlessly in the video, unnie is absolutely feeling it and I don’t blame her."

    @RUNAWAY (10) — "the song really is great, but after getting into the group so much, it's kind of fallen behind a lot of songs for me. It's still an absolute ten, and I won't be mad if it wins, as it absolutely deserves it, but it's just not my favorite song of theirs anymore like it used to be."

    @Ana Raquel (10) — "It already deserves a 10 just because it was the first song I've heard from Loona. But this is actually amazing, so it'd have gotten a 10 either way. My second favorite solo."

    @yuuurei (10) — "Like many people (I think), this was my first LOONA song and it's a stunner for sure. I love Kim Lip's voice and the track is very smooth and lush."

    @ohaimanabu (10) — "Yes. Yes. Miss Lip came to play. This was where I really started paying attention to LOONA."

    @Vixen (10) — "This is…a masterpiece. This is a slice of sultry RnB pop. It’s silky, satiny, glossy and sleek. And Kim Lip’s vocals absolutely carry this song through and beyond. I would admit that the song doesn’t really have that much variation throughout the instrumental, and one could accuse it of flatlining a little bit, but I personally believe it just manages to hold a decently high momentum throughout the whole thing. The verses, the pre-chorus and the chorus are all equally good. Melody-wise, this has so much going for it. And the phrasing for “E-kuh-lips”??? Honestly groundbreaking, never been done before…. And GOD, can we talk about this BRIDGE??? Honestly Kim Lip did so much for the gays……..
    V-ocal-ixen moment of the day: She makes the nasal sound works surprisingly better than Haseul, maybe because she got a better natural vocal color than Haseul? Vocally, there’s not much to say here because sadly it’s been more or less confirmed that the intro runs and some of the ad-libs on the last chorus are the songwriter’s… But still, Kim Lip sounds good in general."

    @ThighHighs (10) — "LOONA would be nothing without Kim Lip finally getting the gays interested. They owe her everything. I know I was barely paying attention to them before this one came around."

    @Petit nain des Îles (10) — "The song that got me into Loona and got me back into Kpop after a long moment of inactivity. I feel like this is pretty much a classic at this point. One of my favorite synthpop songs of the decade by far."

    @eliminathan (9.75) — "This is objectively the best LOONA song by a large margin. Just absolutely gorgeous production and vocals, everything about this song is a masterpiece. The lowest I can go in terms of a strategic vote is 9.75 when this song is obviously meant to be a 10 but that'll hardly change the average. Subjectively Egoist slaps harder but I can remove my opinion from the equation long enough to realise just how immense this song is. Sis doesn't even sound nasal in this song when she's known for sounding nasal."

    @mokimbird (9.5) — "feels like a pivotal moment every time i hear it. and KIM LIP. what a star."

    @ohnostalgia (9) — "Every time I play this I hope to experience the magic the forum keeps raving about, but I’m always disappointed. I’ve been thinking on this for the last day or so, but I’ve come to the conclusion that Eclipse is just a tad too long, too meandering. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good vibey song, but I just don’t hear a masterpiece."

    @eccentricsimply (9) — "It's truly a miracle that I still like this song so much with the amount of annoyance OEC stans bring me."

    @HappyBirthday (8) — "For a while I thought Kim Lip was going to be the leader of the full group. This performance is the reason why."

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (7.5) — "I feel spanks."

    @Empty Shoebox (7) — "I know you lot think this is the second coming of Kate Bush or whatever, but to me it's never been brilliant. It's not bad, but there are other songs here that I prefer."

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  3. which means the winner of the LOOΠΔ pre-debut rate is . . .


    Blooming like sweet seduction
    Is a new me inside myself
    My face in the mirror
    I'm asking myself who she is



    by LOOΠΔ / Yves

    Score: 9.912

    High scores: 11×11 (@Dangerous Maknae, @Sanctuary, @junglefish, @Coming Century, @ohnostalgia, @evilsin, @yuuurei, @soratami, @Animalia, @ThighHighs, @Charles Vingt-†rois), 10×27 (@PopZeitgeist, @teerofinale, @codecat, @enjoy, @Rainbow Trousers, @RUNAWAY, @Love Deluxe, @yourbetterknow, @ddog, @Ana Raquel, @Empty Shoebox, @DrinkMyTears, @nikkysan, @clowezra, @Rem, @Island, @eliminathan, @Mikl C, @Vixen, @Kuhleezi, @Oleander, @GeiPanda, @He, @Hurricane Drunk, @McQueer, @Cotton Park, @vague), 9.75×1 (@BEST FICTION)
    Low scores: 7×1 (@askew), 8×3 (@ohaimanabu, @OspreyQueen, @_hazzie_), 8.5×1 (@eccentricsimply)
    My score: 10

    5 ballots: No.1, 10.4 avg.
    10 ballots: No.2, 10.2 avg.
    15 ballots: No.1, 10.233 avg.
    20 ballots: No.1, 10.175 avg.
    25 ballots: No.1, 10.1 avg.
    30 ballots: No.1, 10.108 avg.
    35 ballots: No.1, 9.993 avg.
    40 ballots: No.1, 9.994 avg.
    45 ballots: No.1, 9.917 avg.
    50 ballots: No.1, 9.925 avg.
    54 ballots: No.1, 9.912 avg.

    "new" is Yves' debut single, from her self-titled single album, released on Noveber 28, 2017. The song was written by Jaden Jeong and MonoTree's Park Jiyeon; arranged+composed by Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, and Brooke Toia; and produced by Caesar & Loui. Caesar & Loui have also worked on JinSoul's "Singing in the Rain", LOOΠΔ's "열기", f(x)'s "Spit It Out", Red Velvet's "Red Flavor", and BoA's "Like it!" from her flawless new album.

    In the description for its MV, BlockBerry Creative described the track as:
    This is probably my favorite of all 12 solos; it's just a monster of a song. These synth-heavy tracks can have a very cold feeling to them, but Yves' voice is so warm and inviting that this song never feels cold or impersonal to me. The build up throughout the song to that amazing middle 8 and final chorus combo... whew. It's unparalleled in their discography, to be honest. I'm sad "Eclipse" lost, but I'm also so happy that "new" won. Good job, lesbian queen.

    @ohnostalgia (11) — "As a queer woman how could I not give my 11 to new? It’s the perfect song for self-discovery, coming out, embracing who you are. It makes me want to dance on an empty street just to feel more alive."

    @evilsin (11) — "THIS IS THE FUCKING ONE. All it had to do was to be played nonchalantly once for me to get instantly hooked on those bittersweet synths coupled with otherworldly backing vocals and pristine main vocals courtesy of Yves. This made me go and listen to all the other songs that were released at the moment. This made me come back to LOONA over and over again. This made me think about that video all day long. This made me so freaking happy. This still makes me so freaking happy. When Yves snaps before the last chorus, ugh, what a fucking moment! Seriously such a good song."

    @yuuurei (11) — "I mean, what needs to be said about this song? It's objectively stunning! The music is both dreamy and intense, a sort of slow dance beat, Yves' voice is smooth, pretty and flawless (I particularly love that little a capella bit), the lyrics are meaningful and uplifting - it's just a perfect track that feels like a beautiful sunrise and I never get tired of it."

    @ThighHighs (11) — "Everything about this song is perfect. I thought I knew perfection until this song came around and I was changed. The middle-8 could demolish democracies."

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (11) — "this song made me gay."

    @teerofinale (10) — "I have to thank @vague for sending me the music video and ultimately introducing LOOΠΔ to me. This song is what piqued my interest in LOOΠΔ. Yves’ voice is just so pleasant and this 80s synthpop bop always makes me want to get up and dance. The lesbian just jumps out sometimes."

    @ryjm (10) — "Our rebellious leader of the lesbian unit did not fuck around, Yves Saint Laurent came to slay and boy did she knock it out of the park (or off a building rather). Much like Eclipse, the song is relatively safe in terms of structure, however Yves sells the hell out of it and delivers an incredibly atmospheric bop. I can’t believe I’ve only now realised that what I though was just a distorted synth in the chorus is actually a vocal cut of someone saying “bite bite bite”, shook to my (apple) core."

    @codecat (10) — "YVES. SUBLIME SONGSTRESS. DAZZLING DANCER. ICONIC ICON. BBC gay intern must have had a field day with the pre-release strategy for this one: remember the teasers? Remember how everyone made fun of her stage name? But I don't think we could ever be prepared for new. It's up there with Eclipse for me because it's a rare sight of a true masterful song, and I wish I could give it an 11 as well. There's so much room for fuck-ups in simple, sparse songs - but Yves, with her magnetic vocal tone, is flawless. The bass is so gargantuan that it threatens to kill her off - but it evolves and changes its intensity according to her parts. And it's amazing how she channels an array of emotions with her voice - her icy, soaring vocals in the chorus are so faithful to the feelings of freedom, and the catharsis of the bridge is just too powerful. But it's the message of the song - the will to stay true to oneself in the face of the world and all its shit - that does it for me."

    @RUNAWAY (10) — "I'm going to say the same thing I said in the SOTY rate. THIS SONG IS ICONIC, EMPOWERING, AND LEGENDARY. Queen Yves SNAPPED and she delivered VOCALS, CHOREOGRAPHY, AND ICONICNESS. Queen of being a 2 week trainee."

    @Ana Raquel (10) — "By far the best song from the yyxy members. And when I mean by far, I mean by far. My third favorite solo."

    @Empty Shoebox (10) — "Now this, this is greater than the sum of its parts. Or maybe that's just Yves."

    @HappyBirthday (10) — "This is when the whole LOONA mythos started coming together for me- the apples, ViVi, the tapes, everything clicked into place and I realized LOONA was something special."

    @clowezra (10) — "Still blows my mind after every listen tbh. It's astonishingly good, the melody is insane, the production is effortless, Carly Rae Jepsen is shook that she didn't write this. I'll be damned if Yves' adlibs in the final chorus don't mess me up everytime."

    @Rem (10) — "The bass of the song really caught me off guard but its a really good song. Her vocals sound amazing too."

    @eliminathan (10) — "Just such a magnificent song, Yves really did that with ha release. Hearing the songs all in a row like this I have to admit that Eclipse is technically the better song but I actually prefer New and I'm not sure why."

    @Vixen (10) — "'It is the first track released in the genre of Soultronica in Korea' – wow… Literally 'groundbreaking, never been done before [in Korea]'. Yves really did that. She said 'Thank you for all of your hardwork, Kim Lip. You can rest now, I’ll take care of the gays' and she truly did that… Her mind sometimes never ceases to amaze me. But more seriously, when I first got into LOONA and binge-watched everything, ‘new’ was actually the most “instant” song of theirs – in fact even more than Eclipse (who revealed itself to be a grower). I was just totally and absolutely enthralled by the track. It just had… an atmosphere? I can’t explain it. It kinda has this… 'Post-apocalypse at 5AM in the 90s' feel to it? Dddd maybe that’s just the Sc-Fi hoe in me xoxo.
    V-ocal-ixen moment of the day: I actually think Yves becomes very color-less when she goes into her high register. It’s a bit faceless at times, but she does have a decent sustained C#5 in the climax of the song, and she takes it higher to a D5/Eb5 shortly after that. But really Yves shines a lot more on the notes sung in chest voice."

    @Remorque (10) — "Come through, synthy bop! Seriously though, the production on this one is fucking immaculate. Pair that with Yves' fantastic performance and you've got a fucking winner on your hands. Bit random to feature ViVi in the end of the video, but... why not, eh."

    @GeiPanda (10) — "The build-up. Oh my god. Deserves 9 out of the 10 points alone for that last section."

    @He (10) — "Oh wow, we weren’t really for the swan princess, were we? I literally didn’t know what to expect following OEC being done. Maybe I still wasn’t confident the project could keep going so strong, this queen certainly proved me wrong. Just from the first sentence you could tell this girl was so thirsty to show her talents and amazing dancing. And then that chorus hits! And that middle 8 and high note with those dance moves?!! Phew, it was a lot to process. Yves is a star, the song is my second favorite of the solos, and the video with an absurd amount of lore and lesbian undertones delighted me. I still do my little swan wings move while cycling. Kii."

    @Petit nain des Îles (10) — "Iconic song with an equally iconic music video. Yves served us everything with this solo and could become my favorite member once I start watching Loona TV."

    @Cotton Park (10) — "So uplifting and expansive, a great vehicle for the Amazing Yves."

    @mokimbird (9.5) — "took a while to grow on me, but captures this sense of emerging power and self-realization that is heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. couldn't think of a better introduction to yyxy."

    @Slice of Life (9) — "@junglefish will kill me for not giving this a 10 but I GOTTA BE HONEST WITH MY SCORES, HOE. But this has truly grown so much on me. Let's rate this again in 12 months time and I'd probably give this a 10 then. Just not now. Kekeke. Anyway, Yves is such a boss."

    @eccentricsimply (8.5) — "I'm not gonna lie... this song didn't hold it up well for me nñn I don't like it as much as I did when it first came out."

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  4. I'm literally crying, we did it Yves akgaes.
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  5. @vague being hit by us and the sudden realization they've done a flawless job at running this iconic rate for an iconic group with an iconic winner and an iconic runner up and an iconic second runner up


    Literally fighting!
  6. Well.

    There's that, I guess...


    It's finally over, so let's celebrate that!


    But seriously.

    Huge congratulations (and thanks) to @vague for running possibly the best rate this sub-forum has ever had. The pacing has been pretty much flawless from the get-go with constant eliminations. The graphics were obviously gorgeous, not to forget the "What's Out Next's were not only brilliant in its own idea, but also well-done. This has been a real rollercoaster, and I officially hate every single one of you, but hey, it's been a ride I guess xoxo​
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  7. OK. I have taken...deep breaths. I am...calm & cool.
    @vague - you are truly remarkable. The effort you've put on this rate is so commendable, as well as your talent. And this was your first rate!!! With 50+ voters!!! You always picked the best moments to .gif them out, you've flawlessly created visuals that could have come from BBC itself - and mostly, I loved seeing you interact with us! The post with the but-we-need-the-audience-to-like-the-post Brandy gif................that was a classic. Please talk to us more!
    Thank you so much for your hard work and for pulling out one of the most iconic rates EVER. I loved every minute of it! x
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  8. Thank you @vague unnie for pulling together such a cohesive and high budget work of art with this rate. It looks like something that BBC would make since every graphic and teaser was so polished and got us talking.

    Do I regret my .25 tanking of Eclipse? Yes probably. I actually do like New more but Eclipse was clearly a MOMENT that only Hi High could come close to in terms of impact.
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  9. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Thank you @vague sooooo much. The correct choice.
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  10. while this rate isn't 100% finished yet (i still need to post the averages for each girl+sub-unit), i want to go ahead and thank each and every one of you who participated in this rate, or even followed along in the thread, sent in commentary, liked eliminations posts, etc. this was my first time hosting a rate - and, really, the first time i've actually posted much on here, despite being a member for 5 years now ddd - but seeing how passionate you guys got over LOONA, and over this rate, was such a joy. i loved reading every single piece of commentary you guys wrote for these songs - and omg was there a lot of it tysm - and every reply posted in this thread; they made all the stress of running this rate worthwhile for me. i was worried i wouldn't be able to do this group i love so much justice, so all the kind comments from you all truly, truly mean the world to me. ❤

    i'd like to give a special shout out to my two closest friends on this forum, @Love Deluxe and @yuuurei, for all the bts support and help. @Love Deluxe for letting me vent about graphics and giving me his eye and suggestions to make them look as good as possible, and @yuuurei for always being so supportive and being a sounding board for my stressed out ath whenever i needed it - and so much more. and also my friend Shane/teerofinale who isn't even a member here, but still wanted to participate in this rate and wrote commentary. ily guys.

    thanks again, everyone! i hope this was as fun for you all as it was for me. ❤❤❤
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  11. again, thank you @vague for reaching out to me to join this rate! i probably would have evaded LOOΠΔ for a while longer had i not been gently nudged, and what a shame that would have been. i don't want to get too gooey, but i was hitting a rough patch around the time your PM hit my inbox and the music truly helped me in the interim. i could wax lyrical about how well you helmed this undertaking, but really: the professional jumped out. and we were on the same page with our 11s! lemme get some last minute extra mileage out of this .gif i struggled to figure out


    sending love xx
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  12. Hooray! We're all going to live in giant Claw Machine with dear leader Yves!

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  13. Great winner, great runner up. Those averages are insane.

    Thank you @vague for running such a perfect rate. LOONA (more specifically, Eclipse) was my first foray into K-pop proper and I've been hooked ever since, I'm so glad I participated because it was so much fun reading everyone's thoughts and the visuals/graphics are flawless.
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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    You won today, @ohnostalgia. Big congratulations to you and to the Korean Lesbian Jesus.

    Thank you so so SO MUCH for running this rate, @vague unnie. This rate was just it. It was an event. Not every rate, not even the ones in the main forum can claim that. 54 voters for a niche artist??????? When will the other lessers? I hope you are proud of this because you should be. You didn't just match expectations; you wrecked them and set a new standard on rate hosting. I will miss this rate so much. Even though I had the second most meltdowns (can't defeat @Vixen unnie in that department) I really enjoyed fighting and arguing and celebrating with y'all.

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  15. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

  16. I'm sooo happy this took the win in the end, and with a 9.9 score! It's truly just an impeccably beautiful song and while I agree that Eclipse was a shining moment for LOONA and I would have been satisfied with it winning, new is (imo) more meaningful and powerful. And that video ... it's such a quietly beautiful and slightly peculiar backdrop to this gorgeous song, which to me is the epitome of LOONA.

    Also Yves is a fucking queen and I love her.


    @vague bb, I'm so proud of you for running this incredible rate, you did an amazing job from the graphics to the write-ups to the pacing, everything! Like @Slice of Life said, this was really an event from start to finish. You absolutely did the group justice and I think we all had a ton of fun here despite our many differences. The wildly varying opinions on the songs really show how wide an audience LOONA is able to reach! Before I started rating the songs I was only a casual LOONA listener and this transformed me into a full-on fan and I'm so grateful for that tbh www. ♥♥♥
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  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

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  18. Oh my god lol.
    Yvette did it. The right song won.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
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  19. As you can see from my scores, I’m happy with either winning.

    But I will still discredit new and pretend it’s because of Kim Lip antis.

    Great rate @vague. You’ve truly inspired and reenergised me for any future rates I may run.
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  20. I just realized Sunmi and Yves (who's canonically mother and daughter) won against Kim Lip in their respective rates.... the nepotism is TOO much.

    Kidding aside, this was such a fantastic rate! A gorgeous rate for a gorgeous discography.... when it's right, it's right.
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