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☽ Rate Talent. Rate LOOΠΔ. ☾ the pre-debut rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 1, 2018.

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  2. dddd totally forgot Jinsoul had 'Everyday I Need You' bringing her average down, woopsie.

    also @vague missing on the top 5 for Jinsoul.... Well, maybe if you had given 'Puzzle' a 10, BINCH
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  3. [​IMG]

    Kim Lip

    8.436 avg.

    30 Twilight — 7.287
    29 Starlight — 7.315
    21 See Saw (feat. Kim Lip) — 7.833
    19 ODD Front — 8.079
    14 Chaotic — 8.347
    13 favOriTe — 8.389
    12 Uncover — 8.426
    11 Love Letter — 8.606
    09 LOONATIC — 8.841
    05 Sweet Crazy Love — 9.329
    03 Girl Front — 9.486
    02 Eclipse — 9.861

    Highest scorers:
    01 @_hazzie_ — 9.667
    02 @He — 9.458
    03 @Slice of Life — 9.417
    04 @Oleander — 9.396
    05 @BEST FICTION — 9.313

    Lowest scorers:
    01 @Serg. — 6.792
    02 @Coming Century — 6.833
    03 @teerofinale — 6.875
    04 @Empty Shoebox — 7.25
    05 @Dangerous Maknae — 7.375​
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  4. the shame dddd. i had a 9 avg. for her, so i just missed out.
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  5. He


    Lip won something!!!

    Talent. Happy to be a high scorer.
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  6. Welp, looks like I made the Top 5 for everyone except Choerry probably due to my Puzzle score. Ranking the girls, bar Choerry since I don't have my average for her, based on my averages for them is a trip ddd.
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  7. I'm glad 'Puzzle' haters are being rightfully punished for tanking one of their best b-sides xoxo
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  8. your Choerry average is 8.932.

    if anyone else is curious, i've got everyone's averages for every girl/unit. i was just too lazy to sort out anything beyond the top and bottom 5s tonight ddd.
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  9. Well......that placement is definitely......interesting.

    Kim Lip
    Go Won

    Hmmm......just as I thought........a damn mess.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    You can clearly see who were Team Kim Lip/OEC and Team Yves/yyxy.

    We are sooooo predictable. Kii.
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  13. Top 5 for Kim & Choerry. Stan talent with me.
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  14. Does being the low scorer for seven of the girls and top scorer for none of them make me the Salami of this rate?
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  15. Wait until we get overall voter averages.
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  17. I think I will be the lowest in that one as well nn (after @Serg., the Monkey0 to my Salami <3, obviously).
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  18. That f*cking pile of trash Girl's Talk keeping me out of the top scorers for Yves and Chuu ... I hate it even more now.

    Those were interesting results! Really ... unsurprising, but interesting!
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  19. When you thought the rate was over, but the host comes out with another helping of mimosas.
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  20. Maybe I should be more generous with my scores I wasn't even top scorer for Yeojin

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