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♫♪♩rate the world♩♪♫ the Perfume Discography Rate (#26)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ugly Beauty, Mar 23, 2020.


What is your favorite Perfume album?

  1. Complete Best (yes I consider it an album)

  2. GAME

  3. ⊿ (Triangle)

  4. JPN

  5. Level3

  6. Cosmin Explorer

  7. Future Pop

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  1. Computer Driving out before Sonically Tuneless EDM Monotony and the other remaining worse songs from Future Pop is just inherently wrong.
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  2. Oh yes let's end my string of 10s with a 9.5 going! Best song on the album!
  3. Not when 'Perfect Star Perfect Style', 'Computer City', 'Electro World' and 'wonder2' exist!
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  4. Unless you changed the scores on my ballot, I say otherwise!
  5. "Computer Driving"'s overall sound was a bit too childish for me, not to mention some of those vocal takes sound rough.
    Not really, I was in the lowest scorers a couple of times already.
  6. I'm okay with Computer Driving going, but I never like Complete Best being in focus at this stage. Level3/Cosmic Explorer has a decent amount of tracks that should be in contention around this point.
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  7. I'd argue that "Triangle" has a couple of tracks it can lose.
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  8. We lose a later track....

    And it's not from Future Pop surprisingly.


    Nananananairo (ナナナナナイロ)
    From Perfume The Best "P Cubed"

    Highest scorers: 10 (@RUNAWAY) 9.2 (@berserkboi) 9 (@TéléDex)
    Lowest scorers: 5 (@FunkyButChic @Reboot) 5.5 (@clowezra)

    Released as a digital single on July 6, 2019 (and later got included on the compilation Perfume The Best "P Cubed"), Nananananairo follows the band’s usual electropop style and was used as a jingle for a series of commercials for Kracie’s “Hadabisei” sheet masks I believe.

    The song is adorable with a hook that will get stuck in your head, even if it sounds more Kyary than Perfume (and that’s not a bad thing) but I definitely rate Challenger and Saisei higher when it comes to the 2019 tracks.

    And no, I have no idea what ‘Nananananairo’ means either.

    @berserkboi (9.2) ‘’Something Ranma-esque about this makes me a big fan!’’ You know what? I can see it…
    @FunkyButChic (5) ‘’Everything is going fine and then… yikes. That chorus is a momentum killer. I don’t think I ever want to hear a rhythm “chug along” like this ever again.’’ the chorus kills this? hmmmm someone clearly haven’t listened to Let Me Know or If you wanna well.
    @Petit nain des Îles (8.5) ‘’I love the Nintendo-y sounds that pop up, which again, remind me of older Perfume. The chorus doesn’t pop off as much as I expected though, I wish it had been upbeat. The bridge however does! I appreciate the new direction they’re taking.’’
    @SophiaSophia (6) ‘’There are parts of this I really like but then they are parts that I don’t know what to think.’’
    @RUNAWAY (10) ‘’this song really is so great. I love everything about it.’’

    Next: Let's go back to the start.
  9. "Nana" is "seven" and "iro" is "color", so "nana-iro" basically means "rainbow-colored", even though they do say "niji-iro" as well, where "niji" is the actual "rainbow".

    This track is pretty good, it has some nice moments, like that sudden drop in the second part of the track.
  10. You see...I know 'Nana' means seven and I vaguely know 'Iro' means color but what I meant mostly is I don't know what the literal translation of the word 'Nananananairo' means.
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  11. I’m fine with this leaving before Instrumental Derivative Mediocrity, the production is overly disjointed with the stop start nature of the song which makes for a uneasy listen and plus it’s a bit forgettable.
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  12. I enjoyed Nananananairo a lot more than Saisei so I wouldn't mind the latter leaving now
  13. I mean it's not a real word. Just some extra "na"'s atop of "nana-iro".
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  14. Except I gave If you wanna the same score! dddd

    I just don't think the classic Perfume chorus works with the modern Nakata drop, which is a shame because their style otherwise fits this kind-of kawaii bass material.
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  15. I wouldn't have chosen to boot any of the 2019 tracks quite yet.
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  16. I think this is somewhat appropriately rated. I agree with the comments saying they like 'parts' of it, but as a whole, something feels missing. I did think the P-Cubed live performance of it was pretty gorgeous, though!
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  17. We're back to booting the early songs...

    This one's a single...

    vitamin drop.jpg
    Vitamin Drop (ビタミンドロップ)

    From Perfume ~Complete Best~

    Highest scorers: 10 (@abael) 9.5 (@TéléDex) 9 (@BeingNormal @vague)
    Lowest scorers: 3 (@Empty Shoebox) 4.5 (@Hurricane Drunk) 5 (@KevRus)

    Vitamin Drop is Perfume's third single after being signed to Bee-Hive Records, and fifth overall. It is their last single before being signed to Tokuma Japan. It is also the theme song for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance game Densetsu no Stafy 3, the single reached #119 on the Oricon charts, charted for one week and sold 802 copies. (they didn’t have much luck in the early days huh?)

    I gotta mention the lyrics of the verses because they caught my attention:

    This is….kinda dark but they didn’t write it themselves of course, that’s Emi Kinoko. Wonder what happened to her to write stuff like that but we shouldn’t dwell more on this, too dark for Perfume and plus it makes me uncomfortable.

    Anyways….the song is cute in a bittersweet way (hence the slightly dark lyrics) but I don’t have strong feelings for it.

    @berserkboi (8.2) ‘’Super cute but a little weaker than the rest’’
    @clowezra (7.5) ‘’I would love to hear another one from them like this, the lounge vibe is timeless.’’
    @Cutlery (7.5) ‘’A minimalist sad ditty for the girls in need of some post-breakup love to heal. It doesn't do anything extraordinary but it's pretty and doesn't overdo it, which is welcome.’’
    @FunkyButChic (7) ‘’Definitely the earliest example of the Perfume sound. By this point, the rough idol-isms have been ironed out and the product feels infinitely sleeker as a result.’’
    @Petit nain des Îles (8.5) ‘’Another song that sounds like a precursor of Nakata’s various projects. I really like the glockenspiel in the background.’’
    @RUNAWAY (7) ‘’a cute single from them, but I don’t really come back to this song often at all.’’
    @SophiaSophia (8) ‘’This is like the music accompaniment in a platformer where the level is the most frustrating to do but the BGM is a major bop.’’

    Enjoy this low quality performance that will make you feel nostalgic.

    Next: A little bit more but a little bit less.
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  18. That artwork I-

    I'll never stop screaming when I see popstars put into pills. An aesthetic... choice. Paired with the lyrics, I now see the song in a different light.
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  19. I’m really exposing my neurodivergence with my video game analogies compared to everyone else's commentary that is focused on the actual music. Honestly I should learn Japanese so I can actually understand the lyrical nuances in their songs because I don’t want to rely on translations all the time. Anyway I don’t feel this should be out now it should be Rudimentary EDM Drivel instead but I’m glad it wasn’t Sweet Donuts.
  20. Vitamin Drop is cute, it should not be eliminated this early tbh (at least not before Cling Cling).

    Also Lady Gaga's Rain On Me makes me want to bump Perfect Star Perfect Style and Fushizen Na Girl tbh, the breakdown melody is kinda reminiscence.

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