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♫♪♩rate the world♩♪♫ the Perfume Discography Rate (#35)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ugly Beauty, Mar 23, 2020.


What is your favorite Perfume album?

  1. Complete Best (yes I consider it an album)

  2. GAME

  3. ⊿ (Triangle)

  4. JPN

  5. Level3

  6. Cosmin Explorer

  7. Future Pop

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  1. "Vitamin Drop" got a 6 from me, because despite being quite all right, some of its sounds and synth sound like they are off-key.
  2. Vitamin Drop seems like the prototype to one of my favourite PJSC entries, Mondai Girl, but I still love Vitamin Drop.
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  3. The way I thought of this too, but didn't listen to them side by side because maybe I was going crazy
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  4. Wait, it does sound similar. Not Gaga first being inspired by Ayu's "Party queen" for "Stupid Love" and now this, dddd.
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  5. I would be here for a Lady Gaga album produced by Nakata.
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  6. It seems this imaginable album would've been better than what she's been serving with "Chromatica" so far, dddd.
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  7. I don't know, it's too early to tell. I'd rather listen to Stupid Love than half of Future Pop.
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  8. Actually, Rain On Me gives me more Fushizen Na Girl vibes.....but it's not quite as good obviously.
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  9. An album track falls (a little too soon)....

    kiss and music.jpg
    Kiss and Music


    Highest scorers: 10 (@RUNAWAY @clowezra @berserkboi) 9.5 (@Petit nain des Îles)
    Lowest scorers: 2 (@Hurricane Drunk) 4 (@abael) 5 (@evilsin @Empty Shoebox)

    The 6th track off Triangle. This one should’ve done a bit better than this, we don’t often see Perfume’s sensual side and this track exhibits it very well without being wildly inappropriate (alongside Take me Take me of course but more on that later).

    Also this track has received the most 10s so far?? amazing.

    I didn’t have a lot to say but thankfully you all did:

    @berserkboi (10) ‘’Bonus points for answering the age old question of what Perfume would sound like if they attempted Hip Hop!’’
    @clowezra (10) ‘’I feel like this is fairly underrated amongst the fans I know, if I'm honest it didn't click at first, but I stuck it on during a hungover walk of shame, and it's made sense since then ddd.’’ I gotta say my favorite part of commentaries is reading little stories like this…and yes it’s unfairly underrated.
    @Cutlery (8.5) ‘’An unexpectedly R&B-ish, yet still unconventional short jam. It mixes a sultry vibe with their robotic voices and even some hot whispers in there too for a mature and welcome track.’’
    @FunkyButChic (8) ‘’90’s RnB was the last thing I expected them to dabble in. It’s so funky and honestly downright nasty at times. I only wish there was less going on so that bass could have its moment to shine.’’
    @Petit nain des Îles (9.5) ‘’You know I love a curveball. The eerie noises that pop in and out make it one of my favorite album tracks, even if I wish it was longer.’’ Yeah it’s quite short but it works in its favor.
    @RUNAWAY (10) ‘’such a mood piece. The plinky synths just give me everything, and I love that the song is so short. It’s like a cute lil interlude before the tempo of the album totally changes with the next track, but I love it just like that. If the song was any longer, it would lose the meaning and its purpose in the album.’’
    @SophiaSophia (8) ‘’I’m completely obsessed with a specific sound that appears after the chorus at 1:07 minutes. Also this is still my favourite use of English in a Perfume song not that I need English lyrics anyway.’’
    @TéléDex (6.5) ‘’Sexily experimental but not the most special of the experiments.’’

    They were coming for M*ch**l J*ackson with those hats.

    Next: Cute Perfume~~
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  10. Probably the weakest track on "Triangle" for me. It's not bad and I don't even know why I feel so cold towards it, guess it's just the overall soundscape of the track.
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  11. @RUNAWAY when he keeps losing his 10s.
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  12. I like your video game analogies! All music sounds better when you try to pair it with video game moments.
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  13. Thank you babe! It was such a pleasure to go through their discography, so many great memories. This has been done dirty but I do get that it’s somewhat polarising, but it’s so unique and moody, I adore it!
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  14. It’s not a song I come back to that often but I think there are other songs that could have gone instead of this especially Uninspiring Instrumentally Tedious EDM.
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  16. Oh but this is one of their most unique tracks, and a total jam. Gone a little too soon
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  17. Me and my synonyms aren’t going anywhere so everyone will have to:
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  18. All I can say about our next elimination is: the lack of taste.


    sweet donuts.jpg
    Sweet Donuts (スウィートドーナッツ)
    From Perfume ~Complete Best~

    Highest scorers: 10 (@abael @vague) 9.7 (@berserkboi) 9 (@SophiaSophia @TéléDex)
    Lowest scorers: 4 (@Hurricane Drunk) 5 (@KevRus @FunkyButChic @Empty Shoebox)

    LEAVE. COMPLETE BEST. ALONE! honestly it doesn’t deserve to be the album with most culling so far, and this didn’t even make it into the top 80? choices indeed.

    Sweet Donuts is Perfume’s third single overall and notably the first one produced by Yasutaka Nakata, the song did not chart on Oricon. (what the fuck Japan??)

    So what do I think?
    It’s the very first defining song in Perfume history for me. it’s cute, cheerful and just full of life and you cannot help but sing along with them, also that part after the chorus:

    @berserkboi (9.7) ‘’What in the Aitsu cuteness??’’
    @clowezra (7) ‘’Dumb and iconic.’’
    @Cutlery (6) ‘’Borders on overly-sweet. But, interestingly, my main gripe with has more to do with the irritating laser beat thing that runs through the whole thing. The gals sound so good here though, and when singing together, the latter which cannot be said about every song in this section. Elsewhere, the keyboards are very nice and my favorite bit.’’ I actually like the laser beat thing.
    @If You Go (8) ‘’My initial reaction when I was listening to the first verse was "This might be first song I score under 5" but the more I listened I liked it more and more. It's really good, a rate discovery!’’ We love character development.
    @Petit nain des Îles (7.5) ‘’Also a bit jarring, but the chorus saves it, with the synths in the background.’’
    @RUNAWAY (7.5) ‘’Nakata’s production is so good here, and I love this quirky little song. Their voices were so cute this early on in their career.’’
    @SophiaSophia (9) ‘’A extremely delicious bop.’’ I see what you did there.

    Next: A tie between two album tracks.
  19. This one sounds like I should be running listening to it.
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  20. TOP 80


    Perfect Star Perfect Style
    Linear Motor Girl
    Computer City
    Electro World

    plastic smile
    Baby cruising Love
    Chocolate Disco
    Ceramic Girl
    Take me Take me
    Secret Secret
    Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow
    puppy love


    love the world
    Dream Fighter
    Zero Gravity
    I Still Love U
    The Best Thing
    Speed Of Sound
    One Room Disco

    Laser Beam
    Natural Ni Koishite
    Kasuka Na Kaori
    Kokoro No Sports
    Have a Stroll
    Fushizen Na Girl


    Enter The Sphere
    Spring Of Life
    Magic Of Love
    Party Maker
    Handy Man
    Sleeping Beauty
    Spending all my time
    Dream Land

    Hurly Burly

    Cosmic Explorer
    Miracle Worker
    Next Stage with YOU
    Sweet Refrain
    Relax In The City
    Pick Me Up
    Cling Cling
    Hold Your Hand

    Koi wa Zenkei Shisei
    Ijiwaruno Hello
    Toumei Ningen
    Imitation World

    Future Pop
    Houseki No Ame

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