Rate Up & Salute! (WINNER ANNOUNCED)


Let me paint a picture. It’s a cold, wet Autumn day in London. Four girls, from all over the UK, had auditioned for reality juggernaut The X Factor. Sadly, they were all missing a certain something that prevented them from being Simon Cowell’s latest cash cow. The judges said they lacked a spark, an energy or simply, in the case of one Jesy Nelson, actual singing ability. They all went home with their tails between their legs. Leigh-Anne returned to cooking pizza at Pizza Hut. I heard Jade and Perrie were considered for the cast of Geordie Shore but I wasn’t able to verify this at the time of print.

What? Oh yes, that’s right. Enter one Kelendria Rowland. In perhaps her most iconic move since Destiny’s Child (but really what else was there to choose from?), she gave the girls a second chance. Thus, Little Mix was born and sent to the live shows. They silenced the insufferable Gary Barlow (sorry Kiki) and s.l.a.y.e.d the competition away to reach the final. And on that night of December 11th, Dermot O’Leary held the envelope that would change the lives of Little Mix, or Marcus Collins, forever.


Kelly Rowland popped up once again to proudly proclaim:

“You could be the best girl group to come out of the UK”.

Back in LA, Nadine sat in her pub seething with rage. Keisha plotted her revenge on Kelly and vowed to kill Little Mix's career before it even began. And Neon Jungle…well.

Anyway, Little Mix have had hits spanning the globe and sold over five million records along the way. We’ve had to endure growling and vibrato, bad boyfriends, even worse hair colours and often poor single choices. But we’ve come out the other side and now it's time to let the pop world know how us PJ girls really think.

For if the forum knows anything at all, it's rates and girl groups.

- Rate from 0-10 (decimals welcome)
- You may award one "11/10" to your favourite Little Mix song. Choose wisely.
- Commentary would be appreciated please but obvs not required
- At this stage voting will end 1 February 2016 (6 weeks)



1. Wings
2. DNA
3. Change Your Life
4. Always Be Together
5. Stereo Soldier
6. Pretend It's OK
7. Turn Your Face
8. We Are Who We Are
9. How Ya Doin'?
10. Red Planet (feat. T-Boz)
11. Going Nowhere
12. Madhouse
13. Love Drunk
14. Make You Believe
15. Case Closed
16. DNA (Unplugged)
17. We Are Young (Acoustic Version)



1. Salute
2. Move
3. Little Me
4. Nothing Feels Like You
5. Towers
6. Competition
7. These Four Walls
8. About The Boy
9. Boy
10. Good Enough
11. Mr Loverboy
12. A Different Beat
13. See Me Now
14. They Just Don't Know You
15. Stand Down
16. Little Me (Unplugged)



1. Black Magic
2. Love Me Like You
3. Weird People
4. Secret Love Song (feat. Jason Derulo)
5. Hair
6. Grown
7. I Love You
8. OMG
9. Lightning
10. A.D.I.D.A.S.
11. Love Me or Leave Me
12. The End
13. I Won't
14. Secret Love Song, Pt. II
15. Clued Up
16. The Beginning



1. Cannonball
2. Don't Let Go (Love) [X Factor Performance]
3. Wishing on a Star (as part of The X Factor 2011 finalists feat. JLS and One Direction)
4. Word Up!
5. How Ya Doin'? (feat. Missy Elliott)
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Oh I might do this, only problem is Salute is the only album I've really liked but revisiting them might be good (or bad). Think I already know what my 11 would be too.
I'll try and take part if I have time as I'm a huge fan. I have a feeling this is gonna be terribly predictive though with a Move landslide win and a Salute heavy top 20 with some singles thrown in.
Salute for best album. "Always Be Together", "Change Your Life", and "Little Me" better not be done wrong or look out! Get Weird will get blasted by me, sorry about it!
Looking back, I'm so so so glad these girls manage to win the X Factor because without the win who knows if we have these sort of things from them. We might be stuck at album no. 1.

@Jacket Alright.