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Rates Are Cool : The Doctor Who (2005-2015) Character Rate (VOTING OPEN!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikey1701, Sep 30, 2015.

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    It's been back on the air for the last 10 years and to celebrate let's all do what us PopJustice Whovian's do best: stan for for our faves and mercilessly drag their lessers.

    The usual rules apply: Rate each character from 0-10 and give ONE character a hallowed eleven (so don't fucking waste it), half points, commentary is optional (but very much recommended) and you are allowed more than one 0 (I can several in that list).

    And if you are all very good (and no one stans for fucking Martha) then I might even do an episode rate afterwards!

    I've tried to include as many characters as I could but I did have to chop a few (sorry Luke Rattigan) and I've dumped the horror of Martha's family into one 'character'. If I've missed anybody or anyone wants to make a suggestion for an addition then let me know (I've probably fucked up somewhere.)

    Deadline is the 1st November let's say. Send me your scores via PM as ever.

    The Ninth Doctor
    Rose Tyler
    Jackie Tyler
    Mickey Smith
    Lady Cassandra O'Brien
    The Face Of Boe
    Harriet Jones
    The Slitheen
    Adam Mitchell
    Jack Harkness
    Pete Tyler
    Lynda “with a y” Moss
    The Daleks
    The Tenth Doctor
    Sarah Jane Smith
    John Lumic
    The Cybermen
    Jake Simmonds
    The Beast
    The Ood
    Elton Pope
    Yvonne Hartman
    Donna Noble
    Martha Jones
    Martha's Family
    Joan Redfern
    Sally Sparrow
    The Weeping Angels
    The Master (Derek Jacobi & John Simm)
    Lucy Saxon
    Astrid Peth
    Wilfred Mott
    Sylvia Noble
    The Sontarans
    River Song
    Jackson Lake
    Christina De Souza
    Adelaide Brookes
    Lord President Of The Timelords
    The Eleventh Doctor
    Amelia Pond
    Rory Williams
    Winston Churchill
    The Silurians
    Nasreen Chaudry
    Craig Owens
    Sophie Owens
    Kazran Sardick
    Canton Everett Delaware III
    The Silence
    Madame Kovarian
    Idris/The TARDIS
    Madame Vastra
    Jenny Flint
    Madge Arwell
    Brian Williams
    Kate Stewart
    Doctor Simeon
    Clara Oswald
    Angie & Artie
    The War Doctor
    The Twelfth Doctor
    Danny Pink
    Courtney Woods

    (for those of who may need to reminding who some of these characters are.)
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  2. As if someone's going to vote for Danny Pink.
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  3. He's hot though... and he'll get at least a 6 for his performance in Dark Water/Death In Heaven.
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  4. I've never done a rate before and I think this will be the perfect one to start with.
  5. I hope you do vote!!
  6. Rooting for Donna and Rose.
  7. How exciting! Donna is my 11 without even having to think about it. What a character. What a woman.

    More than one zero you say... Let me drag a little.
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  8. I think they will be two hugely popular characters in this rate. Donna seems to universally loved and Rose has a strong following as well. #vote!
  9. I have no idea how to play this so I'm just going to say DONNA as my #1 and then Rose. The others aren't relevant!
  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Jackie Tyler!!!!

    I'd vote Rose but I don't watch the show anymore.
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  11. I don't watch the show anymore so it'd be unfair for me to vote.
  12. You've never done a rate before sis?
  13. Vote anyway sis!!
  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I only saw Series 1.
  15. I'm so sorry I haven't, but please add my 11 for Donna, a 10 for Rose and 0 for all the others.
  16. I will not have you being responsible for a spate of early exits for my faves!
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Rose has to win.

    I will try to do this but I practically stopped watching when David Tennant left.
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  18. If the public were voting, she would!
  19. It was never the same for me after RTD left (series 1-4 remain amazing and that last season with Ten and Donna was perfect) but the horror that was series 6 killed my love for the show entirely and it has never really recovered. I will still love doing this but confess I went "who?" about quite a few of the Moffat characters (despite watching every episode). It just doesn't seem to register in the same way anymore.

    It will be interesting to see if one of the companions beats a Doctor! (I suspect they will)
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  20. I prefer Moffatt to RTD.

    Fight me.
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