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Hello everyone!

Almost a year on from my record breaking Amy Winehouse rate, and two years from my debut rate, I'm back and this time we're taking on one of Canada's best.


No not that one.


Or that one.



I'm of course talking about Lights.


...That's not what I meant.



The hard-to-Google chanteuse was kind enough to finish up the Little Machines era just before this opened by releasing Midnight Machines, so we have 51 songs to rate from 0-10, with a single 11 going to your favourite song.

The Listening

1. Saviour
2. Drive My Soul
3. River
4. The Listening
5. Ice
6. Pretend
7. The Last Thing On Your Mind
8. Second Go
9. February Air
10. Face Up
11. Lions!
12. Quiet
13. Up Up And Away


1. Siberia
2. Where The Fence Is Low
3. Toes
4. Banner
5. Everybody Breaks A Glass
6. Heavy Rope
7. Timing Is Everything
8. Peace Sign
9. Cactus In The Valley
10. Suspension
11. Flux And Flow
12. Fourth Dimension
13. …And Counting
14. Day One
15. Frame And Focus

Little Machines

1. Portal
2. Running With The Boys
3. Up We Go
4. Same Sea
5. Speeding
6. Muscle Memory
7. Oil And Water
8. Slow Down
9. Meteorites
10. How We Do It
11. Don’t Go Home Without Me
12. Child
13. Lucky Ones
14. From All Sides

Bits & Bobs

1. White
2. I Owe You One
3. Fall Back Down
4. Romance Is…
5. My Boots
6. In The Dark I See
7. Living In Another World
8. Follow You Down
9. Head Cold

Please have your scores in by the 13th May (Midnight BST - if this is confusing you do it sooner rather than later!)

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1. Toes 8.93
2. Second Go 8.82
3. Muscle Memory 8.79
4. Siberia 8.75
5. Speeding 8.71
6. Same Sea 8.39
7. Running With The Boys 8.29
7. Drive My Soul 8.29
9. Don't Go Home Without Me 8.11
10. Everybody Breaks A Glass 8.07
11. Oil And Water 8
12. Ice 7.96
13. Saviour 7.86
14. Slow Down 7.82
15. My Boots 7.75
15. Banner 7.75
17. Peace Sign 7.68
18. Timing Is Everything 7.64
18. Flux And Flow 7.64
20. Lucky Ones 7.61
20. Portal 7.61
20. Meteorites 7.61
20. How We Do It 7.61
24. February Air 7.57
25. Face Up 7.46
25. Child 7.46
25. From All Sides 7.46
28. When The Fence Is Low 7.43
29. Up We Go 7.39
30. Lions! 7.36
31. Heavy Rope 7.32
32. Suspension 7.29
32. Living In Another World 7.29
34. Romance Is… 7.07
35. …And Counting 7.04
36. Fourth Dimension 6.96
37. Frame And Focus 6.89
38. Quiet 6.86
38. The Listening 6.86
38. Cactus In The Valley 6.86
41. River 6.79
42. Pretend 6.64
42. Follow You Down 6.64
44. Head Cold 6.46
45. In The Dark I See 6.39
46. White 6.18
46. The Last Thing On Your Mind 6.18
48. Up Up And Away 6.14
49. I Owe You One 5.79
50. Fall Back Down 5.71
51. Day One 2.86
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YES. So here for this.

Although I must warn everyone, I don't think I'll be able to deliver too much shade with my commentary like usual because Lights is genuinely awesome and I have very little to snark about. My album averages might also be ridiculously high.
I actually did my scores for this weeks ago when I saw it would be running alongside Björk and Shania and was worried I wouldn't have time. Literally my three faves.

I'll go over them again over the next few days but for once I'll actually be early with my votes!
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I'll definitely have to do this. There's a couple of things in the bits and bobs section I've never heard of before, so that'll be fun. Y'all better recognise Frame and Focus as the unfairly pushed aside classic it is.

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Yes!!! I haven't really followed Lights for a couple years, but this is the perfect excuse to get back into her and finally give Little Machines a listen! Also, Siberia will likely have well above a 9 average.
I can't see why not? The Listening is definitely more accessible to a new listener. Then once you've gotten used to her sound, Siberia and more so Little Machines become a lot easier to take in without much fuss. I would try The Listening out and see if you like that first.
Oh weird, I think I'd actually say the opposite? I'd recommend Little Machines to a new listener first, then work backwards from there. The Listening is very... of it's time. And even then, I know several people whose interest were completely killed by the autotune there. Little Machines is the most straightforwardly "pop" album here!