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Discussion in 'The Internet' started by VivaForever, Aug 31, 2021.

  1. @Harmonia posted about this site yesterday in Random Thoughts, and I figured we ought to have a thread to share our creations (though I may be the only one using it ddd). You give it two songs from YouTube or Spotify and it creates a video and audio mashup.

    95% of what I've tried has ranged from "almost works" to "literally unlistenable" - the AI seems to have a hard time aligning the beats of songs, especially if one or both are syncopated. But it's given me one gem: Open Your Heart x Black Magic, which has no fewer than three wig-obliterating moments.

    Say Something x Out of the Woods is good for about 17 seconds from 1:43-2:00 but otherwise awful. Reba's Fancy x Iggy's Fancy is excellent for the first verse (with Reba's vocals and some guitar stings over Iggy's instrumental) but then descends into chaos. Reba x TWICE was slightly more successful.

    EDIT - A few more mixed successes (no pun intended):
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  3. Fembotships is kind of amazing! Not as good as Open Your Magic, but what is.
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  4. Here's one for @pop3blow2 and @iheartpoptarts.

    Regrettably it shows Rave's tendency to speed everything up too much, but "I've lost myself in fantasies of you and me together" into "Don't say you love me, you don't even know me" is a moment.
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  5. What fun! The AI can only do so much, but occasionally there are some great moments. These were the combinations I played around with that I enjoyed:

    Work It, Boys (Britney vs Missy Elliott)
    Fantasy Lover (Mariah vs Mariah)
    Work My Name (Nadine vs Cheryl)

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  6. So Scandalous (Janet vs. Mis-Teeq) - perhaps the best one I've landed so far.
    Inside Deco (Britney vs. Lana) - the essence of this one is there, a bit messy.
    Promiscuous Way 2 Go (Nelly vs. Cassie) - again, I wish the AI could tighten this up a bit, but it's mostly decent.
  7. These are all so good!

    Sweet Dreams (Are Close to Love)... almost works.
    Work (Work) Bitch should work, but the excessive pitching kind of ruins it. Nevertheless the Sats chorus over Britney's instrumental is good.
    A Little Work Bitch works almost as well as it should considering how much of Work Bitch's melody Alexis reuses.

    And in Sarah's honor: Something Bad.
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  9. I love this!
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  10. I'm not saying I'm a DJ, but I'm a DJ

    Madge Club 7 - Don't Stop Music
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