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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by ericcccc, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. 18-year-old (!!!!!!!) R&B singer-songwriter from Chicago. I stumbled upon "Sticky" today and I am hooked. So refreshing and exactly what I needed.

    Her features are amazing too.

    Get into it y'all!
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  2. I wish I saw her on SZA’s CTRL Tour! I hope we get another project/mixtape/album next year.
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  3. Her third EP Crush is supposed to come out tomorrow but I haven't seen any news since the announcement in late 2017, anyone knows what's happening?

    "Sticky" official video:

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  4. It’s dropping February 9th and it’s apparently a collaborative EP with Steve Lacy.

  5. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Her EP is out and it's absolutely gorgeous.

  7. YouTube links for anyone who doesn’t have Spotify:

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  8. Great interview and performance on the Soulection radio show on Apple Music :

    And a recent performance of Sticky on TRL:

  9. Mr.Arroz

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  10. The Night Song is cute and dare I say, late 90's! I can already picture a Vibe featurette.
  11. I've been listening to a couple of Ravyn's songs on Spotify recently. I really like her. Definitely going to keep this tab open so I can watch these videos y'all posted a little later tonight when I'm done working.

    Edit: As I was posting this, a song of hers I hadn't heard before, "Free Room", started playing on Spotify. Love it!
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  12. Cute new video for "4 Leaf Clover":

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  13. Just popped in to say that I absolutely adore her music. Most of the songs on Crush are giving me Chaka Khan teas and I'm living for it.
  14. Really into this. I heard Sticky today and she's got me in one
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  15. Just heard the Crush EP after months of constantly pushing her back in my queue. I'm really feeling it especially The Night Song.
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  16. I've really been getting into this wonderful woman! Sticky came up in my discover weekly playlist on spotify last week and i'm so glad it did. The Crush EP is lovely and The Night Song has been getting a lot of repeat plays from me. She's insanely beautiful too, shocked to find out she's so young.
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