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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Nobody made a thread for her yet so..

    Winner of BBC Sound of 2017

    She has 2 EPs: Havisham and Durt

    Recently signed to Island Records UK.
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  2. GERL

    You left her best, gayest, boppest out!
  3. Sound of 2017?? So, she didn’t exactly take off then?
  4. Woman of colour not doing well in Brexit Britain shocker!
  5. She's on the new Naughty Boy song with Wyclef Jean.

    She sounds great, and the added little rap is great. Hopefully this is the start of her big push post major signing.
  6. I really want her to breakthrough. She is so talented. I feel like the label made a misstep with 'Doing Me', which was on the wrong side of cheesy but there is so much potential with her.

    She kind of reminds me of Estelle, in that she sings and raps, and both garnered Lauryn Hill comparisons. Hopefully RAY BLK will get her 'American Boy' style smash soon!
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  7. My Hood should've been that breakthrough moment, that's a defining moment.
  8. New single Run Run out July 27th. Snippet:

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  9. I can't wait! Snippet sounds nice, and I'm really into All or Nothing.
  10. Looking forward to this. Her features have been on point, recently. Glad they didn't bother pushing 'Doing Me', it was not good enough to launch her on.
  11. A song.
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  12. Oh wow, I love this. The video's FANTASTIC too, I adore her.
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  13. On my 20th play. This can hit.
  14. I neeeeed her to take off. Ray is so talented.
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  16. 8 song project called Empress out Oct 26.
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  17. Empress is out:

  18. Really nice EP! 'Paradise' especially is amazing
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