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RAYE - My 21st Century Blues (Feb 3)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. South London girl. Gorgeous voice.

    Single: Distraction
  2. Bet U Wish is another amazing track.

    On Spotify.
  3. New EP, new single and new video directed by Charli XCX (!):

    This is great.
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  4. I love "I, U, Us" so I'll definitely have to check out that EP of hers. Why aren't more people talking about her?
  5. Great EP!
  6. She features on the new Jonas Blue's single

    And she has released her new single Shhh
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  7. I LOVE this song. It's the best one from the EP. So good.
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  8. So glad that "Shhh" is her next single. It's one of the best songs this year.
  9. It is also her favourite
  10. She's also on the new Jax Jones single You Don't Know Me. It's way better than the Jonas Blue single, but also still a bit generic.

    She has a lot of potential but I'm not really like... that excited about her? I dunno. I just wanna get to the big single now.
  11. I love the pop art of the cover art. Other than the obvious references, very Anya Hindmarch cereal box and Chanel supermarket.

    The pre-chorus really hits the mark. I take the 'iPhone camera flashing' as a notification coming in. But there isn't much personality with these collabs so far. The hook isn't very strong. And who says 'we could throw shapes together' as an invitation?
  12. Okay I hadn't heard Shhh when posting this. That's an exciting record. That and Distraction prove she's got something, but I, U, Us is just a bit of a racket, and By Your Side is so watered down and generic.
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  13. Her EP is flawless, I just discovered her! Shh is I think my favourite track, along with Distraction.
  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    She came third in the Sound of 2017.
  15. Shut up, me.

    She's so exciting. The Second EP is so good and brilliantly produced and written. And the Jax Jones single is a fucking bop and it looks like it's gonna be a hit too.
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  16. Shhh is that bop for me right now. Consider my interest piqued.
  17. Who is this girl? She has written several bops that are out now:

    Charli XCX's After The Afterparty
    M.O's Not In Love
    Jax Jones' new single
    Jonas Blue's most recent single
  18. And also Snakehips and MØ's Don't Leave (ddd, I just realized she's written for both MOs)

    She's a very good new singer with amazing talent and a lot of potential.

    And her team seems to be doing all the right things...

    ...So it's too good to be true, and the campaign will probably be fucked in a few weeks.
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  19. I'm as excited about her as I was when AlunaGeorge first emerged. It feels like THE FUTURE the way a Hype Williams video felt like the future in 1998. So much potential.
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