RAYE - My 21st Century Blues + General Discussion

Had to go ahead and order the vinyl after my listen through today. I love how it captures you from the get go, an album that deserves your attention from start to finish.

Hard Out Here is definitely my favourite song but Five Star Hotels is a close second.

The vinyl packaging is stunning too and yes plays beautifully.


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God, Black Mascara is just immaculate


The final breakdown sends me into orbit every time.
Does anyone have a spare ticket for tomorrow in Manchester please?!
Been trying Twickets for weeks and they always go before I can get there when I get an alert.
I'm still getting so much mileage out of these songs a month later. Outside Escapism, my holy trinity is Flip a Switch, Five Star Hotels and Black Mascara. The production on the album is just so satisfying and leans so much into great pop albums from the early 2000s. She needs to go ahead and release Flip a Switch as a single RIGHT AWAY. IMO it's the perfect next step after Escapism.

Also, the live version of Escapsim she's been doing on tour, with the beefed-up horns and drums, goes hard. I think it's a hard song to translate live but it's great.
Do you like bops? Have a proclivity for bangers? Are you a believer that music should slap?

If the answer is yes, then you are invited to join the ♦★♦ bops, basically ★♦★ rate, a brand new versus rate featuring RAYE and eleven other boptastic chanteuses.

Disclaimer: This rate was conceived several months ago and, as you can probably tell by the title, leans more on RAYE's older material than 21st Century Blues (though Black Mascara. is also there).
The show last night was surreal. What an absolute star she is.

She was honestly so overwhelmed with the love the crowd was giving and rambled for minutes on end in between each song. We got so much insight into her career, the meaning behind each song on this album, and there was so much crowd interaction. Honestly one of the most memorable shows I've ever been to, and she would have stayed there for 5 hours if they let her.