RAYE - My 21st Century Blues + General Discussion

Fantastic and Born Again leaked, I think they're the songs she played off her Beats Pill when she was begging to be dropped?

YESSSSSS she is free to put whatever she wants on the album now and I'll stop tweeting her about their exclusion... both songs are 10/10 though, I'm so glad we have them.

Album is called My 21st Century Blues and is pencilled for January.
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A very limited sit down piano tour. You will be seated is sending me though nn

I did not notice she was doing these shows until it was too late. I'm in the waiting list for LA and I'm praying I can snatch a ticket, because I honestly can't think of a better surprise date for my fiancé.
Third single is called Buss It Down
It's that sense of revelling in juxtaposition that also underpins third single, Buss It Down. A piano-lead, organ-drenched gospel moment, it finds RAYE unspooling her thoughts on sex and her future relationships: “I'm just trying to prioritise who I grind for / Who I take my time for” she sings, backed by an all-female choir of mates. “It's an empowering record that women can hear – that anyone can hear – and just feel powerful,” she smiles. “I've experienced people talking about me and who I chose to see in a way that makes it seem like I've done something wrong, or I'm dirty, or filthy. That energy really comes through the industry like 'oh she fucked him, she did this'. Why are we being made to feel like this? It's not the same for the male artists. I shouldn't be made to feel less than because of my sex life or my choices.” The frank lyrics in that gospel context did mean she had to have a chat with the big guy upstairs. “Me and God we spoke and I was like 'yeah I'm going to be singing a song about sex over a gospel song', but that's between us and we're figuring it out,” she laughs. “The exciting thing is I get to express that in a really cool way.”
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