RAYE - My 21st Century Blues

I think it was jarring at first as the best songs are the singles & Flip A Switch which leaked, plus some I’ve known for a while from watching live videos, so it seemed a bit disappointing, but now I’ve listened through several times I think it’s a great album, it’ll just take a bit of time for the singles to gel with the new tracks. In terms of how I’d rank the songs:

The Thrill Is Gone
Flip A Switch
Black Mascara
Hard Out Here
Buss It Down
Five Star Hotels
Worth It
Ice Cream Man
Oscar Winning Tears
Environmental Anxiety
Body Dysmorphia
Mary Jane
Wow. I am completely blown away. More thoughts to come later because I am still processing this deeply textured work but this is truly groundbreaking stuff here. I am so, so, so proud of her.
So out of the new tracks the only ones I don't care for are Environmental Anxiety (which I really think doesn't belong here at all), Mary Jane and Body Dismorphia. Other than that everything ranges from pretty great to awesome, I'm ecstatic for her!
I've waited seven years for this moment. Finally, My 21st Century Blues is now ours, forever. Till next time, lots of love, RAYE
Got a bit emotional with this bit at the end.
The absolute nerve of her to follow a song about Environmental Anxiety with Five Star Hotels, ddd. In fact, the entire run from Flip a Switch/Body Dysmorphia/Environmental Anxiety/Five Star Hotels is a hot ass mess.

That said, Escapism and Ice Cream Man are two of her absolute best songs, so it makes sense they’ve been pushed. Also loving Worth It, Five Star Hotels, and Flip A Switch.

I do think there are a few non-essential tracks, so I wanted to prune and rearrange the tracklist. I think this works a lot better, personally:

01 - Introduction
02 - Hard Out Here
03 - Escapism *
04 - Black Mascara
05 - Ice Cream Man *
06 - Flip A Switch *
07 - The Thrill Is Gone
08 - Five Star Hotels
09 - Worth It *
10 - Buss It Down
(11 - Fin?)

Starred are my single picks. There’s a very good album in here, but I definitely understand the “messy” critiques. Regardless, I’m super happy for how everything’s working out for her. It’s exciting.