RAYE - My 21st Century Blues

#1 on UK iTunes albums chart

Grabbed a couple of tickets for Bristol I December. Can’t wait to see this album live. It’ll be my second time seeing Raye live - she opened for Rita years ago. So so so thrilled for her. I hope she is feeling ALL the love today.
I got tickets to her Manchester show. Use your pre code and link, you can still get amazing tickets.

I tried the general link and only had stalls (standing) left
But all the stress of being honest wouldn't help me
I pushed it down but it was living in me rent free

So... I'm not a woman, and I know I can't possibly relate to Ice Cream Man, but these lines are gut wrenching.
It is an amazing album from start to finish.

Favourites apart from the singles (well chosen) are Ice Cream Man, Flip A Switch and Worth It.

Environmental Anxiety does sound out of place but love it being there to break up the tempo.


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What an accomplished album. Obviously would have been preferable if she hadn't had to take herself hostage publicly to get out of her contract but all the rage, frustration and darkness that happened because of and during that time has all been channeled so creatively into these songs... I am so in awe of her and hope that this is a hit album for her to go along with the success of Escapism. and she's established herself at the forefront of the British music industry.

This is such an exciting album - the musical punch and passion she has here is undeniable, and totally authentic. I actually love have she jumps around stylistically- so much future potential. I really like Mary Jane- am I the only one?

Imagine what projects will be like moving forward, she must feel amazing with how it’s being received.
Is Ice Cream Man officially the single or just being pushed with the release? If it isn’t, which one would you choose as such?