RAYE - My 21st Century Blues

Is Ice Cream Man officially the single or just being pushed with the release? If it isn’t, which one would you choose as such?
It’s had the video made for it so I’m guessing the new single.

I think Flip A Switch would be eaten up by Radio 1 though so hopefully that gets a moment further in the campaign. Do a double A side and send Worth It to Radio 2!
I'm really excited to listen to the album this evening. I just wanted to say how much I love 'Black Mascara' and have ever since it came out. Not sure if singles get re-released in the same way in the digital age but would love it to get another push after Escapism's finished doing it's thing.
I loved my first playthrough of the album! She really is in her Amy bag with some of these, it's fantastic.

I really enjoy the lyrical flavors and genres she visits throughout and the whole album feels so distinctly UK to me (which is a huge strength!) it just has that vibe of an upcoming classic. My only silly complaint so far is the sirens in Environmental Anxiety, I hate sirens in music and so does my dog. ddd
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I wasn't sure if I was going to like "Buss It Down" because I remember hearing the snippet ages ago and thinking it felt Meghan Trainor-ish, but it's not that at all and she really pulls it off. It's a nice moment of levity after an album that deals with such heavy topics.
Sonically, this is rich as fuck and feels luxurious. Lyrically, powerful but sometimes a little heavy-handed and you can kinda make a game out of how many times she will reference cocaine. Overall, a triumph though. Sounds like a major label, blockbuster album.
I'm so happy I waited a few hours to listen to this after work so I could fully ingest the album, it's such an atmospheric experience. I'm so proud of her.

I'm not sure I can really identify favourites at this early stage but Ice Cream Man stopped me in my tracks. Stunning and devastating all at once.
Environmental Anxiety is fucking stunning. Wow. That racist, homophobic, toxic waste and plastic fish verse is inexplicably giving Gypsy by Gaga dd. Fantastic song, the chorus is a dream.

Ice Cream Man is a touch on the nose for my tastes.
This is weird… months ago I ordered the By Your Side CD single (her first ever single) and it never arrived - it’s just turned up today with the album on vinyl, what kind of serendipitous full circle moment?!
Its a small indie label so they saved on the shipping costs.