RAYE - My 21st Century Blues

I wasn't feeling it from the snipped to be honest as I found her vocals a bit too tamed (which I was a bit disappointed as I'm a big fan of both her and Disclosure), but the full song is a slap and a half.
Waterfall is insanely good, I've been shuffling and getting my life. This deserves to be their first hit since... Magnets? Song of the summer contender.
If she's independent it probably takes a lot longer to finance, record, mix and master etc. I'm sure she's cooking up an album to feed us good.

It was just a comment for the 'leave X label queen go indie!' gays who think going indie means more content when in reality it's the same thing more or less. I'm sure the reasons for her stint with Polydor stalling were financial too, ie her songs' success / profit didn't warrant a successful album yet and she was told to wait.
Recent festival performance of an unreleased song that’s allegedly from last year’s Polydor album.

Maybe an indication that tracks like Fantastic and Born Again that she’s teased will see the light of day too?