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RAYE - My 21st Century Blues

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Two new songs on Wednesday!
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  2. I'm so excited...she just hasn't missed for me.
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  3. ADM


    Girl is keeping us fed! I feel like she could announce the album any minute (she did say she had tuned it in on that podcast with Mutya a few weeks back).
  4. What's the name of this song?
  5. An absolute corker. She's done it again.

    Perched to see her live tomorrow!
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Escapism is massive. The Thrill Is Gone is great too, weird maybe but I'm getting Amy Winehouse teas. This album is going to be huge for me.
  7. Good lord, Escapism is ROTY. I didn't think she could top Black Mascara but she's done it.
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  8. "Escapism" is everything I've wanted from her and more.

    It's so pleasing to see a pop girlie break free from her shit ex-label and have the momentum not slow down. Would love to see this situation turn into something akin to Tinashe's output after leaving RCA. Imagine RAYE's own Songs for You and 333.
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  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Escapism is massive.

    The Thrill is Gone is cute, but it’s very Plan B.
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  10. She has elevated to like... mind blowing.
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  11. I still think Black Mascara is the best one of the 4 so far, followed closely by Escapism.
  12. ADM


    The four songs are so, like, un-genre-able. She really is in her own lane now.

    There's something very familiar about the piano in Escapism, feels possibly like a Kanye (ew.) song, but maybe it's 50 Cent' Best Friend.
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  13. Amazing, as per usual. Hearing her effortlessly dive into these different styles while still retaining her identity...it makes me so angry that her label was holding her back, even more than I already was. Each track since she's left has been not only great, but vital and buzzing with an electric energy. I also feel like she's got a voice now...these songs form her identity, they feel like they're from the heart. I've followed her for years now, but it's like being introduced to her all over again. I'm so happy for her and excited to see where she goes from here.
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  14. Someone's mentioned it already, but the way she's come out HARD, and levelled up her sound, post-label gives me such Tinashe vibes. Hope like Tinashe being an independent artist allows Raye to continue flexing her artistry and making incredible music fitting her talent.

    Escapism is giving everything. The way the lyrics switch up between her flexing and actually the heartache behind it all... Love, love, love.
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  15. Seeing her tonight in London. So excited!
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  16. ADM


    Here it is! So pleased for her!

    (I can’t see Fantastic in there though, yet.)
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  17. Fantastic and Born Again aren’t on the album apparently. She’s mentioned in interviews that Black Mascara is the only dance song on the album.
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