RAYE - My 21st Century Blues

The artwork, that logo, the fonts...

Well I was on the fence about preordering the album but that's swayed me. I went to the Euphoric Sad Show and it was great, Escapism live would be life changing.
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London show clashes with Madonna at the O2... but Wembley arena isn't booked. *eyes emoji*

Now that would be a total victory lap.

It's most likely Brixton Academy (and I imagine they'll add another one after Bristol on the way home) as it's currently shut with a TBA opening date pending the investigation of that crowd stampede that happened recently, so they probably don't want to announce until they know it's properly going to happen.


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The album’s come into work, I didn’t realise it wasn’t her on the front cover - youthful Queen! I’m excited for it.