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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cathal, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Cigarette is Nextlevelism.
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  2. I hope we get a Mabel ft. RAYE and Stefflon Don track.

    And a Stefflon Don ft. Mabel and RAYE track.

    Or just have them be the new M.O line up but still not get an album ddd.
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  3. It's 'loud loud loud', and this is a fucking BOP.
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  4. Only came across this on a Spotify playlist yesterday but I'm hooked, such a summery bop.
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  5. Just bought this and Decline. Cigarette is such slinky sexiness.
  6. Well... that video is awful.
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  7. Isn't it a little pre-mature to resort to concert footage style music videos this early in her career??? I would have settled for a smoking area at the club themed video.
  8. That's sad, clearly they couldn't get all three girls together because of scheduling conflict so they resorted to this. I would have preferred no video. What a wasted opportunity.
  9. She co-wrote John Legend's new song, also has backing vocals.

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  10. So her collaborative project called Side Tape is out now and it features 4 new songs, and they're quite a good bops. It's all really nice but we really should've got it somewhere around February-March.
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  11. Out now as in out in NZ?
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  12. Yes, it's the mixtape that was supposed to be released in January/February.

    'Side Tape' is out now in New Zealand, out tomorrow everywhere else.


    Track listing:
    1. Crew (feat. Kojo Funds & Ray BLK)
    2. Decline (feat. Mr Eazi)
    3. Confidence (feat. Maleek Berry & Nana Rogues)
    4. Slower (feat. Avelino)
    5. Cigarette (feat. Mabel & Stefflon Don)
    6. Wife Me (feat. Steel Banglez)
  13. Ooh. I love the artwork.
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  14. This girl's incredible!

    Let me check this out....
  15. I love Cigarette soooooooo much.
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  16. How are the rest of the tracks?
  17. I hope she keeps the RAYERAYERAYE branding artwork/aesthetic for her official album. She basically chucked this out with no announcement (but she basically did that for Decline and Cigarette soooo..)
  18. Not a bad little collection of songs - I miss the old aesthetic too!!
  19. Ok Crew is a banger.
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