Probably won't be using the remix because Raye's verses were already great? Like, without the second verse it's missing something.
The album comes alive when performed so a live album is great, hopefully they can work out physicals in time for Christmas!

Although I find it funny they’ve announced this but still haven’t announced the 6th December London date venue yet!
RAYE says: "An invitation to the show of my dreams, for one night only. The live album recording 'One Night in London' at The Royal Albert Hall on the26th of September. Featuring a majestic orchestra and gospel choir accompaniment, performing my album back to front. Come and melt with me. Lots of Love, RAYE."

Royal Albert Hall show in September!

I have the pre sale link to this, which I won't be using. So DM me if you would like it.
Flip A Switch continues its climb and goes top 40, the same day she sells out The Royal Albert Hall. We love to see it!

Bagged myself a ticket to the show - you just know it’s gonna be incredible. Plus it’s a venue I’ve wanted to tick off my bucket list for a while.

I love how beautifully 2023 is shaping up for Raye.
Her speech at the Ivors! Queen of socialism!

"It would be an insult to suggest that you go to work for free," she told the audience. "And it's an insult that you think songwriters should do the same."

"The record industry is making more money than it has in the last 30 years, funded by songs that they aren't paying for," she explained to the BBC backstage.
"So I'm going to be a broken record about this until something changes."