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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cathal, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Crew is fantastic. I enjoy the whole thing.
  2. This whole EP is pretty fantastic actually. I’m bopping.
  3. The EP is so good. Every song is great!

    She is a treasure, truly.
  4. Wife Me and Crew are stone cold bops.
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  5. The EP is really good.

    Does "Slower" borrow from Usher's "U Remind Me"? The first part of the chorus reminds me of it.
  6. This New Ep really is bop after bop people really need to stop sleeping on her !
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  7. The EP is great, very solid selection of songs. 'Slower' is the one I keep going back to, absolutely love that one. I also am a huge fan of the RAYE-BLK conversation verse, in 'Crew'. it almost gives me the same feels I get from 'Girls' by Destinys Child. We need more collabs with that kind of female comraderie in music!
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  8. Crew or Confidence for next single please!
  9. The EP is incredible.
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  10. Crew was amazing live! I really hope she takes off big time, she was so good at Rita.
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  11. "Slower" is currently greyed out on my Spotify, meaning that it's been (temporarily) blocked and I think this might have something to do with it dddd
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  12. It's back on!
  13. She really was so good supporting Rita Ora. It was like two headliners rather than headliner and support act.
  14. This EP is fantastic. Even though I do like them, the singles are the worst tracks. Really wish she saved some of these tracks for a full album.
  15. SMG


    She is such a star. I wish 'The Line' had blown up after 'You Don't Know Me' and made her big here in the U.K.
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  16. I always love me a good dancing in front of a mirror in a dance studio type of video.
  17. Finally got around to listening to this EP and it is expectedly brilliant.
  18. Confident is a megabop.
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