This is a powerful statement, especially paired with the music video.

I don't think she's abandoning the club sound yet, at least judging by the snippet towards the end of the video. She's in a exciting place right now where she's got the freedom to try a lot of things and she's capable of succeeding. Her songwriting remains top-notch.
Semi-random thought, but I hope she doesn't actively dislike the songs she made in the dance genre; we all know it wasn't particularly her idea to move into that sound, but she should absolutely be proud of what she made and I'd hate to think all those songs are tainted in her mind.
Her dance songs are part of her story, a big, enormous chapter and one that gave her the stepping stone to have the voice to say what she's saying at the moment. I too hope she doesn't hate them.
PS: Can we arrange Miss Ella Henderson and Miss Becky Hill to collab with Raye on a 3 way dance banger?
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Make her hop on a remix and credit her another Top 10! Ka-ching!

...and yes, Raye should make the choices about the production.
Sensational. We knew she had great pop sensibilities in her but this just... major? She killed it in that video and the song is so powerful.

I can see her getting great buzz for her full length album, doing the big festival circuit next year, etc. This is just the beginning for her.
I'm not sold on the song just yet, but I aprecciate how dynamic and well-structured it is. And the video looking so good? Her budget was probably rather low, but she managed to make it looks glamorous.
It took me a few listens but I'm obsessed. She didn't waste a single second of the song. The production switch-ups, the honest lyrics, her flow and vocals...! The song is giving everything and it's a brilliant reintroduction to the type of artist that she wants to be.

The cinematography of the song is like Introvert by Little Simz.