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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by stopthestatic, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Oh goodie! You are on the episode I think lol

    Her art is decorative now but you must understand it is 100 years ahead of its time dddd
  2. It's Athener X's birthday, but not her art show yet. Melissa a.k.a. Fat Tinsley is trying to be cute and come for Athena X but doesn't have an ounce of the range to do so.
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  3. Yeah nah! Definitely not a good match. Out of the ‘boring’ Housewives - Nicole does it better (and the eventual blowback is iconic! Dddd)
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  4. I can't wait to hear your take on the Whitsundays. That was a top tier cast trip.
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  5. Melissa was truly the biggest dud, she just sat there, I love how the rest of the housewives started to enjoy her at the end of the season because they were so over Lisa and Athena's antics!

    Nicole not knowing how to pay her bills and having the power of the house shut down... she was lowkey hilarious at times, plus that confessional look with the flower crown... one of the worst I saw
  6. ............Did I just hear Lisa say she was rescued by a morbidly obese man with an inflatable swan?

    Also, the excessive negativity, general snobbyness, and back-stabbing is wearing on me. It's not the arguing at all; the arguments are hilarious. It's more the fact that not even Lisa crying about the end of her marriage can elicit one ounce of genuine sympathy from some of these women. Chewbacca and Victoria in particular seem to be the worst offenders. The arguing is pure camp entertainment but the way they insult each other in confessionals is just downright mean-spirited. I don't like that they can't have any genuine moments of vulnerability with one another without getting a "sHaDy" dig in. It totally ruins the Housewives formula.

    They generally want to murder each other on Melbourne but they balance it out with genuine moments of friendship, levity, and by just being downright comedic. Sydney just has way too much forced humor and cattyness.
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  7. That’s exactly why Sydney had to come to an end. It’s an iconic season, but it is exhausting, and I couldn’t imagine more years of that. These women had zero interest in connecting, and ended the show with the same blood-boiling feelings they walked in with. There was no growth, no arc to their story, no moments of levity.
  8. They needed just a two woman show of Athena X and Lisa, to be fair, I think their dynamics even when they argued were hilarious
  9. Lisa flashing her vagina on the cliff top.
  10. But why is this good sis breaking up RHOA S5 with Below Deck S1
    It's literally white mediocrity on a super-yacht, but it's so easy to watch.
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  11. Wait for the Cynthia and Claudia cameo!
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  12. Officially removed RHOC off my DVR. It's so awful this season.
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  13. I just started Below Deck for the first time last month (one of the only Bravo shows I’ve always deemed beneath my trash barometer) and I instantly got hooked. I’m already entirely caught up and now midway through my first watch of Below Deck: Mediterranean. I will say Season 1 is Below Deck’s worst season by far, so I recommend sticking with it. Iconic Bravolebrity Kate Chastain makes her debut in Season 2 and becomes the anchor of the entire franchise.
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  14. I completed Season 1 yesterday, and today I'm on Season 2
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