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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by stopthestatic, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. This week I binged watched season one of The Real Housewives Of Jersey, in the end I really enjoyed it.

    "Production of series 2 have started last weekend of April 2021. Not everyone from series one returning"

    Kate better be returning, the show is nothing without her. She is the heart and the kookiness of the show!

    Just checked out her Instagram and it looks like she spent Christmas with her son Finn (who also seems very cute and sweet...)

    I do want to find her collection of head bands and burn them all though.

    Now the rest.....

    Margaret - I quite like her but she flip flops a little

    Mia - tries a little too hard but seems nice. I would have loved to have seen someone from Real Housewives Of Melbourne take Tessa on though.....


    Hedi - thought she may be a bit of a snob at first but she has a little bit of an eccentric side which I like.

    Ashley - Loud, obnoxious, rude, dumb.

    Jane - A little dull, her outbursts often seem a bit left field.

    Tessa - The worst. She is the Dawn Ward of the show (but without a coke habit...) Judgemental, arrogant, holds grudges, has to film with her children and husband. The way she treated Mia was so ridiculous, I could never be friends with someone with such a huge ego and thinks they are above everyone else.
  2. RHOCHESHIRE S13 has started. The premiere was fine. I am a bit disappointed Tanya is sober now. I like my Housewives drunk and problematic.

    Lauren’s entrance into the divorce party was a tiny bit iconic though. Thank god for her.

    The new wife Debbie, a psychic with 400 psychic employees, and the best she could up with was tell Seema is her dad is proud of her.
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  3. I didn’t realise Jersey had been renewed that’s good news!

    Ashley kicking off for being called loud and Mia’s response being ‘but you are loud’ is kind of iconic to me.

    I was quite happy with all of the cast, I mean I don’t like Tessa at all but she works as a villain in the cast.
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  4. Okay, so Lauren's satanic sex session being the major storyline in Cheshire brilliantly ridiculous and just the silly storyline I needed.
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  5. Cheshire is much better without the dark energy of Dawn Ward.

    Nicole is an idiot and tries way too hard.

    Replace her with Ester.
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  6. Nicole is a nightmare, she really can’t help herself in any situation, therefore she must stay on the cast forever. I enjoyed Debbie just screaming at her over Lystra’s coat and by the looks of the trailer they continue fight through the season. That’s a great start for Debbie.

    I live back in Liverpool now so I’m eager to visit Boujee ASAP. It looks tacky as fuck but I must go. If Lysta isn’t putting a shift in I’ll be devastated.
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  7. All of this is great but the last one should be Jen Shah’s and Tre’s fave pastime.

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  8. I’m finally catching up with Cheshire and I refuse to believe that Rachel isn’t an alien doing a performance as a middle aged woman for GCSE drama. Bizarre!
  9. I’m surprised some of you whores still bother with Cheshire. Even Dallas serves more than that pile of trash and Dallas is trash.
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  10. I live in Cheshire, and I wouldn't ever touch it
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  11. And your life would be better off without it!

  12. In the last few months I binged RHOBH and me my roommate are on season 7 of RHONY now. I can't believe I didn't give the franchise a chance earlier. I'm obsessed. What city should I watch next?
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  13. Potomac, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, New Jersey and Melbourne
  14. You are in for some amazing seasons of RHONY! Seasons 8 through 10 are generally considered the best (in addition to 3).

    In order of greatness, I would say:
    1. Melbourne
    2. Atlanta
    3. Potomac
    4. New Jersey
    5. Salt Lake City
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  15. RHOCheshire.... Debbie’s phobia of stairs is the new “Seema’s Cyst” storyline. I can’t believe they even wheeled out The Speakmans for it.
  16. Has there been any updates on OC? Has it finally been canned?
  17. I am up to the episode of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg where Christall Kay throws her Blondes and Billionaires party, invited a 'friend' who she knew from Instagram that she had never met before, and kind of forced all the cast mates to film an ultra low budget video in her house to her new song. Iconic!

    Then I looked up when series 3 was going to happen...terrible.

    According to news site Sunday World the show was canned because fan favourite Christall Kay was allegedly being beaten up by Brinnette Seopela and Gugu Khathi in and outside a club in Pretoria while the show was in production. Kay confirmed the attack on her to IOL Entertainment, however, attempts to get comments from both Seopela and Khathi were unsuccessful.

    Kay said that she was caught off guard when sitting down in the club. “The whole incident was very traumatizing. I had thought that everything was over, then out of nowhere Gugu came up to me and punched me in my eye. At the end of the day, it is just a show and I don’t know why they had to take it so far,” Kay said.

    She continued: “Gugu Khati is the one who punched me in the eye resulting in a black eye. “She did this when I was sitting down and there was no threat to her. I have evidence to prove this.

    “Charges are currently being laid against her. Brinette Seopela was was with her the entire time aiding and abetting the attack on me. “She also faces charges relating to this matter.”

    There is a picture of Christall after the attack:

    Philly Khubeka, who is the head of PR and Publicity at M-Net’s Local Entertainment Channels, confirmed that the show has been cancelled as a result of Kay's attack.
  18. So I’ve been bingeing Dallas the last few weeks and I’m at the end of season 4.

    Wow Leanne is ALOT in a bad way, everything is about her and she’s so fake and manipulative, you can tell she’s acting quite a bit which I rarely think with the other franchises. I can’t actually wait to get to season 5 where she’s gone from the cast as the energy is just so off.
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  19. What johnny said, I'd suggest also Sydney (horrible cast, truly a chaotic evil experience, but if you love the drama it's a wild ride, plus Athena X is legit something that has to be seen, I cannot think of a more delusional and insane houswife) and Auckland, both are just one season, but they are great experiences (Auckland has more likeable cast members and is fun through and through besides that episode)
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