Real Housewives - General Discussion


Cheshire has several great seasons, unfortunately there’s a 1000 of them so they’re few and far between. But yes, there have been some seasons that have been better than BH’s efforts over the years. And even other US franchises. I stand by my truth.
Unfortunately, I don't think even Natasha would get me to watch Cheshire again.

It's the absolute W O R S T.
My recent rewatch of RHOD was a flop. I struggled through season three and four and actually just gave up before I got to the s4 reunion. The first two seasons definitely had their moments but the show really is the bottom of the barrel. The pits.
Hi Hens...
So, if somebody has never watched Housewives, what perfect modern (ie filmed in hd-ish) Season would you get them to trial it all?

My top thoughts are RHONY 5, RHOBH 11 or RHOSLC 1, but what would yours be?