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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. That would be on brand for them lol. The cast thought LVP would be the villain of season 9 and fans defended her. Then they thought Denise would be the villain of season 10 and fans overwhelmingly supported her. I’m sure they’ll be bending over backwards to defend Erika and by the time the reunion hits, there’s no telling what we will know.
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  2. Apparently they have upgraded Sutton to a diamond-holder for this season. But you won't get me a third time, Bravo. Not again.
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  3. I reallyyy do hope that we get a trailer just as this new info leaks so Erika, Kyle and Rinna look like the dipshits that they are, because you know they’re going with the party line that Erika is just some lost little lamb in all of this. Not this time, pat the puss. Not this time. Time to take bets of when Kyle will come out with a “Well, we weren’t as close as the show made us out to be”-esque statement.
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  4. If this is true I might continue to stan, but if you’ve got my hopes up beast ...
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  5. Apparently in the upcoming trailer that a few people have seen Sutton is holding a Diamond.

    Please be true.
  6. Sutton snatching Teddi’s dusty diamond would be an absolute delight.
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  7. It’s 8:12 and I’ve only had one coffee so far so my brain isn’t functioning properly just yet... what does this mean
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  8. It means she knew about the loans and Tom’s money issues. Basically now that they’re selling off all of Tom’s assets including the cars and homes, she tried to go to court to get her cut (bc of the divorce) ahead of the victims. As a result the victims lawyers presented documents signed by Erika that state that even if Tom were to pass away, as sole heir she’d make sure they’re paid first.

    So basically any “I didn’t know” defense is BS. This is just the tip of the iceberg. She still has to explain how that $20 million got into her “Erika Jayne” business account when we know damn well she wasn’t making close to that with her vanity project. That is classic money laundering.
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  9. WHY are you starting with me with something that has nothing. to. do. with the subject at hand?? And on what you KNOW will be a very traumatic day for me (RHOBH trailer day)!! And despite my numerical shortcomings my point still stands!

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  10. Wait... Sutton could be holding a diamond AND serving in the trailer allegedly? Colour me intrigued.

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  11. Seasons 9 and 10 both had great trailers and the seasons were still a disaster. Season 10 even had a fantastic premiere that hinted at a total Kyle meltdown but it was just a tease. The fact that we got Dorit and Garcelle throwing masterful shade at Kyle was exciting and hilarious but the biphobic Denise narrative took over and nothing went anywhere.
  12. Can you come up with something else??

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  13. I’m so happy that Sutton scammed a diamond, perhaps the “friend” curse is finally broken..

    ..with that said, not Beverly Hills having 7 full-time cast members while RHONY and RHOA were left to rot with 5.
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  14. In all the excitement that Sutton has snatched a diamond it’s just dawned on me it’s probably only happened because Crystal has been a complete flop ddd...
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  15. Once I found out Crystal was good friends with Teddi (even PRIOR to Housewives), my hopes for her quickly diminished.
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  16. Just a heads up, the insiders on Twitter claiming the trailer would be released today are now saying it’ll be released next week.
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  17. Queen Sutton got a Diamond?!? Yes!

    Her ex must have relented on the not showing their children on tv.
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  18. Or, they filmed around them, like with Brandi.
    I'm ready for some camp pick up scenes of Sutton mincing around Kyle's old house, like Mary had in her closet in SLC
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  19. One of Sutton’s kids turned 18 so they could at least show her with one of her children. But if the rumors are true that she brings it as much as they say, they may have had no choice but promote her.
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