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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Trailer probably delayed while they edit Sutton out :-)
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  2. I was thinking while they edit around the Erika sob-story
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  3. I really hope we'll still getting the trailer today, this rumours of Sutton bringing it, plus the fact that Erika is actually getting exposed as fraud... scream
  4. The news about Erika being implicated may have them changing the trailer edit, to be honest. It's just getting increasingly damming for the oprhan-hating grandmother of pop.
  5. Maybe Sutton has stolen Erika's diamond.
    Makes you think
  6. We usually get the trailer around 3pm UK time so perhaps it’s been delayed til next week as others have suggested.
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  8. The trailer is delayed??

  9. Can’t we just end the Beverly Hills edition and let New York edition get the budget and have eight housewives again?
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  11. In most articles/blogs they say it is because she is coming after the cast, especially Ericka!

    Sutton saves Beverly Hills.
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  12. Prayer circle that Sutton tells either Erika, Kyle or Rinna to shut the fuck up this season. Please, God. I’m parched for this series to experience some kind of off the cuff drama. Some drama that hasn’t been planned in advance.

    Doesn’t Sutton kind of look like a blonde Lisa Scott Lee from Steps, too? Side note.
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  13. If this was a season of Sutton Camille’ing herself throughout and taking the girls by surprise with dig after dig... then sign me up.
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  14. Remember Garcelle did say Sutton is the one who cries the most this season. Let’s not put all our diamonds in that basket.
  15. She's probably bullied something rotten for telling the truth about Erika.
  16. I'm ready for Kyle to get called out, constantly.
    It brings me joy.
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  17. A Kyle takedown? With this current cast?

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  18. When I think how they treated Denise because she tried to put Kyle in her place!
  19. We're going to be the ones crying the most.
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  20. You would need to dismantle the rest of the cast first before being able to get to Kyle. They all (aside from Garcelle because she's still new) swear blind allegiance to her.
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