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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Our last hope was for Dorit to defect, which she started to do last year. However, it's now clear she's blindly supporting Erika and is therefore in the RHOBH Mean Girls clique.

    I'm not ready for them totally to get rid of Rinna yet because she did give us some iconic moments last year ("Oof, you're so ANGRY" and "I wouldn't be surprised if we never saw Denise Richards again"). However, Kyle and Erika getting the axe would solve a lot of the issues, as Rinna is not very loyal and would just mold herself to whoever the current cast is.
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  2. Oh my god!!!!
  3. Dorit really could’ve been in charge of the girls this year if she’d linked up with Garcelle and Sutton and risen to a top tier housewife. Surely she must’ve considered it when she saw how much acclaim she got last year for irritating Kyle at any given opportunity.
  4. I would like a Rinna takedown season, waaay much more than Kyle, there is something desperate and dark about her, I think a gang up or a housewife that actually challenged her would make great television (she was terrified when Denise threathened to show her texts at the reunion), Kyle would just be there and cry like Kermit the Frog, but Lisa? to see the facade completely dropping off (which is already a mess, but ddd) and show her ass... could be quite interesting, plus a takedown of her it's long overdue.
  5. I'm not writing off Dorit yet: she's sociopathic enough to dismantle the other ladies from the inside.
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  6. I highly doubt she will rock the boat even a fraction like she did last year. She has the potential to blow them all out of the water but in doing so she knows herself she runs the risk of being driven off the show by the gang mentality (LVP/Camille style). She'll play it safe this year.
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  7. Scam-rit won't go against The Gang because she doesn't want her tea being spilled on camera. She's gonna be riding hard for Erika this season and will probably irritate Garcelle and Sutton in the process.
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  8. Dorit knows that if she goes against Kyle, she won't last long on the show. Kyle may not be a fan favourite, but she is a favourite of the producers. Look at how on the verge of panic Dorit looked at the last reunion when Kyle showed her upset over a very funny quip at her 'fashion' show. Kyle cracks that whip behind the scenes, I swear it. Also, Garcelle won't be around for much longer. Kyle will keep that grudge. She is wrecking the show.
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  9. The thing that makes me excited about Sutton vs Erika, is that Sutton, like Camille doesn't really have a lot to lose or to be exposed, not as much as Kyle or Dorit at least, so let's just hope she brings up the receipts.

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  10. Also, Sutton crying the most doesn’t necessarily mean she is the one to try. Yes, she cried last season, but see how she told Dorit to drop it and move on and Dorit did just that. There’s a little devil lurking under that southern charm. I just know it.
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  11. Erika in face to face combat also isn't as shady as her scripted confessionals character. She only argues with those that she knows she can intimidate (Teddi, Eileen). I would imagine because Sutton is somewhat new she will attempt to do what she normally does. A cold stare and passive aggressive behaviour.
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  12. If any of these women side with Erika blindly or go along with the whole divorce storyline, and this includes my one-time fave Dorit, then they will absolutely be getting shit on by me in the next Housewives rate, which i’m so excited for, whenever that is happening.
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  13. Erika is maybe my least favorite multi-season housewife I've seen at this point.
  14. I hate Erika more than Teddi honestly. At least Teddi tried (too hard) with the LVP thing and then Denise.
  15. Teddi is probably my least favourite housewives ever.

    Erika is horrid, but I thought her first season was quite good.
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  16. Erika had a pretty promising first season, I quite liked her.

    Looking back on that debut year, its almost unnerving to see how much warmer and relaxed she was. The problem was after her first season she totally fell into the abyss of the persona she's selling as the "brand" and she's been getting harder and colder each season selling this uber fierce budget Britney character she's convinced she is.
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  17. Even in her first season, Erika had 0 sense of humour.

    When the whole LVP "spins a web" thing got back to her, I actually thought this was pretty funny from LVP and gave Erika the opportunity to have a fun, shady moment comeback for her, but nothing... as an example.
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  18. Sutton needs to be like this in every conversation please
  19. Denise’s smile - serotonin restored
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