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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Erika is repulsive.
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  2. Me when @JesusThugs and @Oceansnide attack me for abandoning them.
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  3. Also all the fandom already railing up against Erika...
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  4. What's the betting Erika doesn't show to the reunion, and quits?
    It is a BH speciality after all
  5. REALLY cannot get over how bad Erika's makeup looks in this trailer! RIP the $40,000/month glam fund.
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  6. Sutton looks so good
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  7. Sutton carrying another season... thanks, I hate it.
  8. The trailer gave me Dorit being fabulous and Sutton exposing those ugly leather pants to ridicule. But where's Garcelle?
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  9. Looks like Erika abandoned her on the top of that mountain.
  10. This is exactly what I thought and feared this season would be. A cold, rehearsed Erika through every single scene until someone rattles her and she's snarling like a cornered animal at them. Awful woman.
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  11. The trailer is absolutely abysmal.
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  12. These women* make me sick.

    *not Garcelle or Sutton
  13. The title card looks like a package of Crayola crayons. They should’ve picked one color for their dresses and stuck to it.

    Also, it’s so poetic that Erika would brag about how much it cost to be Erika Jayne only for her to have no glam squad now ddd.
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  14. @Jesus Jugs @TeddyPoppins just know I love you girls and we’ll make it through this together <3

    The title card is giving me The Saturdays 2045 reunion theatre tour. I have to be honest I hate Kyle Richards more than Erika. Something about her even breathing on screen infuriates me. Crystal looks like she tries to bring something, Dorit and Rinna are playing it safe, is Garcelle effectively part time again this year? Sutton Saviour is the only one who understood the assignment.
  15. I kinda... love it... I’m all in for Sutton as a housewife.
  16. Well, Dorit looks great...
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  17. Dorit looks absolutely snatched aside, Sutton being included in every scene that looks remotely like "drama" says all you need to know about Beverly Hills.
  18. Thank god at least Sutton will try to avoid this season becoming a whole PR stunt to repair Erika's public image or what's left of it. At least she brought demonic Erika, thank god for that.

    The rest looks abysmal x
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  19. Erika going demon on Eileen, Teddi and now Sutton but never going there with Rinna, Kyle (even when baited like last year) or LVP shows the type of girl she is.
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