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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I'd feel better about the season if they showed at least one more dinner where Erika isn't in control of the narrative or at least one more housewife pissing her off. The trailer has been well received online, but I think fans will be annoyed when the other women let Erika squirm out of every dinner, especially knowing what we know now.
  2. The embarrassment.

  3. That fucking trailer...

  4. Me realising that I WILL BE TRICKED into watching ANOTHER season of this mess...


    Edit: That drone shot on top of the mountain with that score making it look like some revelation/twist scene from a Christopher Nolan film when we know we will get NOTHING. Thanks, I hate it!
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  6. Absolute trash and so lifeless...
  7. Also this made crack up

    ''Don't talk to me like that.''

    ''Or What? Or What?''

    ''Or nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯''
  8. SHUT
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  9. Not Crystal giving thug in a cocktail dress!

    Hopefully her and Sutton can serve Jen/Marge from NJ, even when they are fighting you can stan them both
  10. Not to open an entire can of worms but when exactly did BH become...this?

    The further I've gotten into the franchise as a whole, the more the back half of Beverly Hills feels like a seasonal spritz in Bath & Body Works. The drama is dried up and the women seem to go unchallenged in terms of bringing content: I can't imagine any of the mean girls clique lasting more than a season on the other installments. And it's somehow successful too! Beverly Hills was my first series but I watched sporadically (still can't fully recall Season 7 other than "you're inherently cold") so I can't quite place when the tone shifted. Maybe somewhere along when it went a bit too dark with Kim/Brandi and they started leaning fully into the aesthetics and lifestyle showcase as opposed to anything substantial?
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  11. It was a funny line by Sutton but not her talking about Crystal’s pants when she’s wearing THAT MESS OF A DRESS.

    I’m perched about Crystal. She looks fun and sassy.
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  12. I would say it happened when they casted Yolanda.

    I blame her.
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  13. When they got rid of the messy legends and started to stunt cast is when the show took a turn for the worst. BH is the generic brand of the Housewives series. I think it’s still successful, because it appeals to a portion of the audience that want the experience but not all the thrills. Just from doing digging on other forums or comments on their Instagrams, BH seems to be the city watched a lot by “wine moms”, so in a way, I see why these boring flops still do numbers.
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  14. Season 5 was the last good season, but the shift definitely happened when they focused entirely on hiring big names with defined personas (Rinna, Denise, even Eileen). One they kicked Kim and Brandi off, you lost the less-manufactured cast members and were left with a set of rich actresses who are constantly panicking about their PR.
  15. The tone shifted in season 6 with the introduction of Erika. That’s just a fact. Glam squads and fake appearances took priority over actual reality. I think after years of Kim, Taylor and Brandi, Erika’s way of presenting herself was much more attractive way of approaching filming to the likes of Kyle and Rinna. That was the Munchausen season too, the first one they really took one comment or situation and beat it with a dead horse for 20 episodes.

    With the likes of RHONY not faltering and newbies like RHOP just getting stronger, RHOBH’s shortcomings are just getting more apparent.

    None if this matters like, the show isn’t going to get any better, not with this cast. Plus, thanks to basic bitches and white privilege, they’ll probably keep getting the highest ratings. Let’s just disengage, expect nothing and enjoy this mess of a thread.
  16. The cast is just not it and it hasn’t been right for a long time.

    The same flop force four being in power for so long as done a lot of damage.
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  17. Just realised I got this term completely wrong. C’mon Teresa, imma blow a casket!
  18. Season 6 was absolutely the beginning of the end and when the mentality of the cast shifted.

    After another dark (and classic season) with Season Five, the raw wild cards were removed and all the key issues with the show manifested - endlessly going on about one thin incident and the acceptance of barriers and personas being utterly the done thing.

    Not to mention that this approach offered a lot safer filming experience than the out of control rollercoasters Seasons One, Two, Three and Five were. As you say, that was probably very appealing to the cast when the likes of Kyle and Rinna can easily rally and direct smaller, duller scandals at anyone but themselves.
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  19. Season 7 felt like a return to form from 6, but it had Kim at it's heart.
    No Kim, no greatness. I wonder if she'll appear at all this year after getting used by Brandi to try and claw back on the show last year.
  20. I'm ready to stan Sutton and Crystal. Bin the rest.
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