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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. This isn’t important but I HATE how they’re given the budget to record new looks for the opening titles every single season without fail, while the other franchises are literally digitally changing dress colours of looks from years ago (I’m looking at you, NJ).
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  2. Hmmm. My worry is that Erika is the focus of the trailer when we know from experience she is all bark and no bite when it comes to actually delivering. The Crystal / Sutton drama looks great but I doubt it's going to last very long.
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  3. Too much Erika sympathy in that trailer for me.
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  4. They're all such dorks and not in an entertaining way. Sutton is literally the only one serving comedy or a personality other than Dorit mentioning wïdeaughx and chïldrën!! Kathy looks boring as fuck.
  5. I am mildly interested in watching for Sutton and Crystal being brought into the mix, they appear to be serving based on the trailer.
  6. Knowing that Crystal is a friend of Teddi’s, her beef with Sutton will probably be to “avenge” Teddi for the “boring and pregnant” comment from last year. Sutton’s Sluts better come together to defend Ms Stracke!
  7. I'm already way more interested in Crystal than I thought I was going to be. Good for her! And as much as I like Sutton she had some nerve coming for anyone else's fashion when she simps for Dolce & Gabbana.
  8. Suttons outrageously expensive and utterly hideous outfits are a part of her appeal. It's camp ladies! Her telling both Teddi and Erika "don't talk to me like that"... yes queen come for two of the worst housewives of all time!!!!
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  9. When they started to stack the cast with more actors and soap stars.
  10. Kathy looking like exactly the sort of dud I knew she’d be... what a waste.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Me watching this trailer:
  13. Kyle finding out that Kim changed her number from Kathy though.

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  14. Queen Kim continuing to be iconic.

  15. I wanna say RHONJ has been using the same intro for five seasons. They got a new cast photo this year, but not a new intro. I don't understand how they can be so cheap and inconsistent with this. Even Atlanta with it's high ratings can't manage to get a new intro or cast photos every season.

    I'm completely confused by Crystal vs Sutton. Both were liking each others stuff on Instagram yesterday so maybe they made up. But I do know that Crystal posted (I believe during filming) that Sutton's bestie from Dolce & Gabbana was racist against Asian people, so I think that might play into her dislike for Sutton. Throw in the Teddi stuff and I imagine she came in guns blazing.

    With Erika I'm mostly curious how much the producers (and cast members like Rinna) will protect her. The story against her is damning and as time as gone on, more and more has been revealed to show that she must know more than she's admitting. Fans will go mad if they edit her as a victim while we keep learning she was involved. I would've dropped her to a Friend because they have an editing mess on their hands since this is an ongoing story. For all we know she could end up arrested by reunion time. This is about to be a mess.
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  16. Sorry to my tres abuelas sisters but I think I'll be stanning row-knee this year. That Beverly Hills trailer was dreadful, and that's usually where they excel in. Perhaps they left stuff out to keep up surprised because I remember Garcelle saying on The Real "oh they're coming for me" and she said that Dorit annoyed her this season on WWHL... I'm not overly hopeful though.
  17. Don't worry sis I already jumped ship and threw you and That Other Girl under the bus a few pages back! Glad we're in agreement about the trailer/season, taste never fails. Not sure I can put my pride aside to stan the Manhattan Grannies but we shall see.
  18. I’m a certified BH hater but I didn’t think the trailer was that bad! I’m excited about Crystal VS Sutton, and yesss at the former bringing up D&G’s racism. Erika’s foundation line in that scene where she’s going off on Sutton fff!!! Poor that! Her glam squad jumped ship I see.
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  19. I think the trailer left a lot of stuff out. Garcelle has mentioned in the press major developments with Kyle and as you mentioned, the girls coming for her and the Dorit issues. None of this was shown. In fact, we barely saw her at all. We also didn't see much of Rinna, Kyle or Kathy. Drama wise all we got was some stuff with Sutton, Crystal and Erika.

    Of course I could be giving them too much credit, but I want to hope they simply are holding stuff to keep us surprised.
  20. I live in hope that like with the NJ trailer, they held the really good "Gia does coke in the bathrooms at parties" stuff back... but I don't have a lot of hope in the BH editors.
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