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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

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  2. Yes where are you girl @Jesus Jugs? I’m assuming working overtime being Dana Pam Wilkey’s agent, that gig as an expert on The Housewife and The Hustler didn’t sort itself!
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  4. Okay but the fact that Beverly Hills has consistently been providing content and discussion more than any other city…

    Our work here is done @teddienono @Jesus Jugs
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  5. This is sad to see. I hope she’s ok
  6. I am rewatching season 4, it's nice to see Kyle being challenged, the cast that year was truly dynamic.

    Also it's Kim's best season in my opinion! I did not remember Yolanda being this annoying, how she spends all the arguments complaining at people inserting themselves... Doing the same thing...

    Carlton is still iconic, I can't believe they fired her after one season, Joyce is not a good fit for TV at all (and of course redditors claims she deserved another season... No, I mean lovely lady, but she really wasn't all that, but then again, I guess in retrospect after they inflicted Teddi and Erika upon us...) , but I love how she gathered Brandi at SUR, she was absolutely unable to take it.

    Speaking of Turddi, Denise has blocked her on all social media, good for her!
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  7. I like to think she’s ultimately fine, but she’s had a rough ride of it and hard times can have a lasting effect. Nice to see Kathy actively looking after her whilst Vyle just serves herself by enjoying the attention.
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  8. Kim gathering Ken, and then Yolanda doing so at the finale, never fails to give me such loife

    "Answer the question!
    Answer the question!"
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  9. That hairstyle actually suits Kyle quite well, unlike those bangs.

    Lisa Rinna's glasses... no
  10. It’s actually hilarious to see them talk about how NOW it’s a sisterhood whereas before they had to watch their backs. It’s especially rich seeing Rinna agree when she has stabbed so many others in the back, especially her “friend” Denise Richards only last season.
  11. Hard to imagine a new low for Rinna but she truly is a disgusting human being for that comparison she made to her situation with Denise.

    Garcelle shutting her up was everything!

    I just about died at the silence after child of the world, Dorit said she’s never had any work on her nose!!
  12. A weekly post reminding you how stupid, useless and shitty Lisa Rinna is
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  13. Why is Kathy giving me Candice Bergen in Paris drag.
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  14. She really just compared Denise to a rapist? Lisa Rinna can fully fuck off forever.
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  15. Really hate that I'm enjoying a post-season-5 season of RHOBH this much!
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  16. Sutton vs Crystal seems like such a vintage Housewives feud but it's giving me life. They are both ideal Housewives archtypes.

    To quote Br*ndi.... Rinna needs to go change her Depends because she's so full of shit, I can't. She has really run her course and should really shut the fuck up about former cast members.
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  17. This weeks episode didn't really do much for me. I hope this isn't things beginning to now slow down like other seasons where it has a strong start and then quickly loses steam.
  18. Yes! Crystal is the rare "young" HW (in the new-found Bravo casting archetype sort of definition) that's actually really interesting and invested.

    And Sutton is the insecure agent of chaos BH has desperately needed for years.
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