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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Denise is worth a million of Binna.
  2. Crystal vs Sutton is… incredible tbh. Crystal really doesn’t care about getting a villain edit nn and Sutton with her roller. Classic Real Housewives.
  3. Crystal bringing the dramatics, I love her.
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  4. Sutton bringing out that face roller during her serious conversation with Crystal fucking sent me.
  5. The way they left the divorce announcement till the very end of the episode is also how I am convinced the entire legal scandal is going to be crammed into the last two or three episodes of the season without any substance. What’s the point of Erika?
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  6. Crystal vs Sutton is great, neither one of them can put a foot right as far as the other one is concerned, and I appreciate that.

    I just adored Garcelle getting Rinna together as well. Rinna was a desperate mess in that swimming pool, you could literally see her Housewives status drowning with every pathetic flail.

    And comparing Denise to a rapist?

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  7. This is Kyle's best season in ages. The way she orchestrates everything, sits back and smiles, involves herself with the drama without being a part of the drama, AND was the only reasonable white lady who actually listened and received information and criticism from a castmate of color (I'm looking at YOU Sutton, Luann, Ramona) and actually learned something. Who knew all we needed to do was get rid of Tedward? We love to see it.

  8. Honestly, does Kyle think the fans are dumb? OF COURSE Erika was giving hints at her divorce in her confessionals, because they were filmed way after she filed right?
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  9. Sutton, Crystal, and Garcelle are bringing a sense of authenticity to the show that has been sorely missing for years. The other women are so over-produced and fake in comparison. These women are the future of the series.
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  10. The only one so far who can see this and will fit into it all is Kyle. She plays the game too well, not to know when to take a backseat and let newbies come through, and then hang on their coat tails for that future safe diamond.
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  11. But Garcelle is inauthentic, apparently. You've got to laugh at the lack of awareness of The Flop Force Five.
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  12. I wish the end scene was Garcelle and Sutton (and Kathy for shits and giggles) reacting to Erika’s news over some drinks. That’s the conversation I want to hear, not the flops “blindly supporting” Erika.
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  13. I still think about Crystal performance when she cried two day after about Sutton, I enjoy the fact that she is messy but also is firm and can held her own, we can say that Turddi has done one good thing during her run on the show at least!

    I think that out of the stray cats flops, Dorit and Kyle (when T*dd* is not around) are the most willing to play ball with new cast members and take a slightly more dynamic approach, see Dorit last season and how despite all odds Kyle actually had made amends with Denise and Garcelle.

    Rinna is done, I can't imagine them firing her, but her run on the show is done, she does not have anything to bring anymore on the show, like this is supposed to be her ''redemption season'' and she is coming across as unhinged, crazy and desperate as last season, and most important of all, completely disposable, I really don't know where she can go from here, and to think she had the potential of being a chaotic addition... truly a ''You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain'' moment.
  14. Rinna was so fun when she started, and I will forever thank her for introducing Eilegend to the group — but she’s almost unwatchable now.
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  15. Andy being shocked the other night on WWHL when Casey said that Lisa Rinna and Erika's time is up cemented to me that he has is completely out of touch with the housewife universe and will keep them on purely because they kiki with him and blow smoke up his ass.
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  16. Here's my hot take of the day. The Flops operate like how LVP used to operate / was accused of operating on this show, the only difference being the Flops come as a unit.
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  17. Garcelle and Crystal have this...too big to fail energy? I'm obsessed.
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  18. I just love how Garcelle continues to shut down everything Rinna is trying to do. That comparison story though…..why would you even tell people about that. It was hilarious when Sutton went to hug Crystal and she said she doesn’t hug. Crystal was not there for that.
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  19. I love how Crystal doesn't have to get hysterical with the girls to play mind games. She just dryly says whatever and the drama happens on its own. The way she smiled, said 'are you that girl?' and threw Sutton into a tailspin was great
  20. Just a reminder for tomorrow!

    Dana Wilkey and Danielle Staub are in this clip.
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