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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Not Danielle Staub!
  2. Scream at Tamrat & Eddie being the thumbnail…
  3. The Housewife and The Hustler with Tamra and Eddie. Oh, it's too brilliant.
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  4. I just finished The Housewife and The Hustler and it was damning. Yes we know most of the story already, but to actually SEE some of the victims and put faces to these huge numbers (one family is owed $12 million) was shocking. As a normal person I can't fathom even that one lawsuit settlement. How do you not worry about paying such a huge amount of money back?! Then multiply it since that isn't even the only settlement that is missing.

    They also get into the Erika part of it, like how her name is on some of the shell companies used to funnel money, like Girardi Financial. It's hard to believe she isn't involved when you consider things like that. Yes there's the $20 million loan to her Erika Jayne company which is sketchy as hell, but she's also listened on the other businesses as well.

    One thing you can really tell is that all of this stuff is new. It really exploded when Erika filed for divorce. That is what inspired a Chicago lawfirm to investigate Tom. They knew if she was leaving him that he was broke. Since she filed for divorce in November of last year, they really haven't been investigating this very long. I'd say the first part of next year is going to be rough for Erika. It looks fine now because she hasn't been arrested, but things take time with the feds.
  5. The anecdote about Tom playing one of Erika's videos for a severe burn victim Hdjdjdjhdjdjrdhd
  6. Is this on Disney in the UK if it’s on Hulu?

  7. Ok, but this was literally Denise last season, it's uncanny
  8. I hope HayU gets it
  9. Usually reality things from the US are on Hayu but I haven't lived in the UK since Disney+ existed?
  10. Sutton with her roller talking about leaving her house, as Crystal just stares at her in disbelief...
    Crystal explaining her trauma in Sutton barging into her room as she was nude, as Sutton stares at her in disbelief...
    I don't know a more awkward feud, with every nicetie being taken the wrong way.
    Garcelle continuing to own Rinna at this point, though I am surprised she hasn't dragged Erika for her treatment of Denise at the reunion...
    Dorit claiming to never had a nose job and the producers pulling out that photo.
    Kathy being fabulous juggling her mic-pack and litre of full fat coke.
    That ending...

    It's 4/4 in BH right now.
  11. The way I screamed when they dropped the Dana Wilkey clip.
  12. Duchess Staub making an appearance is sending me nn.
  13. The documentary was genuinely good. It gives you a crash course on who Tom and Erika are, their rises to fame and the scandal. I really loved hearing from the victims because it literally puts faces to this case. Tom and Erika fucked over this man who has horrible scarring from burns, this mom, this employee, etc. These victims speaking out really helps you dig in the hatred and how blatant these two were with flaunting their wealth.

    Danielle steals it though. The delusion is thick with her in every single interview portion. “She was probably the most exciting casting since, well, me!”

    I do have to say though. From the deposition clips, I believe the dementia diagnosis for Tom. He wasn’t very lucid, he was stumbling over words, mixing up numbers. It was sad to watch.
  14. Dana Wilkey and Danielle Staub…. That’s bottom of the barrel if I ever heard it.
  15. That documentary was very good but these people are fucking disgusting.
  17. I mean considering who they are speaking about...
  18. I kind of wished they would have tapped regular RHOBH show runners like Camille, Adrienne Maloof, Brandi Granville or even Taylor Armstrong than these sunglasses were $25,000. Surely there’s got to be someone in that realm that has an axe to grind.
  19. The way it really nailed how egregious it is that Erika remains a Housewife in light of the allegations...
  20. The last episode was great, though the “watch us have so much fun playing these games” scene made me want to rip my eyes out.

    Rinna’s rape analogy? What the hell was that? She needs to call Jackie in New Jersey and get educated.
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