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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. The documentary was such an enjoyable watch (better than the last 3 seasons of Beverly Hills), but it opening with that Danielle Staub en-trance is truly a pop icon move.

    I legitimately don’t know where Erika goes from here, and I could honestly care less. Toodles.
  2. Some of the other cigs I follow who are also into Housewives were lamenting they can't be fans of any of the women across the franchises after seeing the documentary and being "burned" over the years. You bet your ass I replied to each one asking what it was about Erika they liked prior to seeing it, and not a single person could answer that.
  3. A lesbian fling is worse than stealing money from widows in Rinna’s spongy brain. She probably thinks Erika deserves that money because she’s a HUSTLER bayby!!!
  4. Rinna was only good for one season and half. She should’ve been LONG GONE! SHE IS CLOSE TO DEATH!
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  5. Rinna should have gone into the bin along with the bunny she gifted Kim.
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  6. Rinna has been utterly useless since Dorit's debut season. That was the last time she was worthwhile with bathroom coke-gate, close to death and Eden's meltdown.
  7. Her saying "Erika was the best casting since me" and then proceeding to describe why she herself is an amazing cast member made me laugh out loud. So many levels to that clip.
  8. I love nothing more than Teddi acting like a smart ass and ultimately getting put in her place.
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  9. Electrodes replenished...
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  10. When Camille yelled "You are not worth my time" and put her hand to Teddi's face... How is she not back?
  11. It’s time for me to pull out this gif again…

  12. Andy Cohen has no fucking spine. He’s a racist and a bastard. Yeah, bring up Danielle Staub and Dana Wilkey being experts to try and discredit the documentary, even though you just rehired Danielle for how many seasons?

    How about the actual victims in the documentary? The lawyers? Can’t discredit them to prove your point. Just say you’re biased and have no morals because you make bank off Erika and be done with it.
  13. Just say Erika is ratings and go. I would honestly respect that at least a little bit. This is so vile.
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  14. Thank you. That was terrible and he completely side stepped her question.
  15. Wait... so he would rather discredit the documentary because of Danielle and Dana appearing? The victims are right in there also sharing their stories of how evil Tom and Erika are? Or was he too busy blowing coke up his nose at those parts?

    Enjoy ladies.

  16. Why is Erika still on Beverly Hills? It's disgusting that she's being pushed at us when she's part of something so utterly staggers me, it really does. Leave her to obscurity and crappy catsuits. Andy Cohen can fuck off too.
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  17. Erika’s lawyers dropped her today.

    She’s in trouble trouble.
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  18. Dorit destroyed Erika in that clip. It’s so nice to watch that in hindsight.
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