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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Nah I was always team Adrienne. For someone who flies off the handle every time her children are mentioned, Brandi sure likes to talk about other people's families nn. And yeah, it was obvious Lisa was using her to get to Adrienne, even though I still saw LVP through rose colored glasses at the time.

  2. And the lies truly begin. Is Erika gonna go down the ‘Tom was cheating’ route?
  3. I kind of wish this cast had someone like Meghan King Edmonds this season doing some Nancy Drewing over Erika and Tom
  4. It’ll be around this time she leaked those txts from an old Nokia 8210
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  5. Meanwhile LVP’s bestie is parading around Turks and Caicos looking like … this.

    I am dumbfounded, but then again — I’m not. Fucking trash.
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  6. I had no idea who this was until the last picture vaguely sparked my recollection and eye-
  7. Season 3 is so fascinating to me in retrospect. Can you imagine a season in 2021 where the entire main storyline couldn't be mentioned on camera? I feel like social media would riot.
  8. Agent Of Chaos Sober Kim telling Adrianne and Paul what Brandi told everyone at Mauricio's event, is an underrated all series highlight.

    Such utter OTT maddness. It saddens me the BH Girls stopped fighting in public
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  9. GHERLS I'm about to FINALLY dive into the soon-to-be OSCAR nominated documentary that is The Housewife & The Hustler...

    Is my body ready for this? Will I be crying for the lost children? Am I gonna stan Danielle Staub again? Will I be compelled to leave a comment on @theprettymess's Instagram?

  10. The nerve to caption the photo "Be Authentic" has me screaming

    We used to take my dog to Vanderpump Dogs to be groomed but our groomer was laid off at the beginning of COVID and has been grooming him in our home since. The stooooories she has to tell.
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  11. This week of BH and NY really gave us nothing. Hurry up Kurn and the gang!
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  12. That ending scene of the latest episode when Erika closes the door as she walked in was kinda iconic…
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  13. I feel like I couldn't see it at the time and I still can't right now but was it really LVP that gave Brandi this information so that she would go get messy with it on camera? I know Brandi made a subtle nod to it last season when her and Adrienne reunited at Kyle's party but was their any proof that it was LVP that was the instigator?
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. The fact the BH ratings will probably swing up a notch because of Housewife And The Hustler, and they're still dragging the announcement drama over to next week.
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  16. Finally watched the episode and "SHOULDN'T SHE WAIT?" was the best Housewives moment in ages. I'm DECEASED. (And soon Tom shall be too, according to Garcelle ddddd.)
  17. And she still have Teddi blocked (I mean... who wouldn't)
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  18. The producers, who keep bludgeoning us with her blandness.
  19. Ugh that new Crystal talking head with the black dress and crystal bows or whatever… She is SO GORGEOUS. I will forever stan.

    Dorit biting Kyle’s head off in her Cher Horowitz getup, a lovely moment.
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